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Polygenic Risk Scoring: An Epidemiologist’s Perspective

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10/30/2019Michel AccadAnish Koka

Has cardiovascular genetics come of age? Are “polygenic risk scores” ready to inform us in clinically meaningful ways? In the final analysis, who or what are epidemiological data informing? Our guest is A. Cecile Janssens, PhD, Professor of Translational Epidemiology at the Rollins school of Public Health at Emory university in Atlanta, Georgia.

Professor Janssens’ research concerns the translation of genomics research to applications in clinical and public health practice and focuses on the genetic prediction of common diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. She also studies how the predictive ability and utility of genetic testing can best be measured.

Michel Accad, MD, practices cardiology and internal medicine in San Francisco, offering individualized care in a free-market setting. His blog about health care and medicine is He also co-hosts the Accad And Koa Report podcast.

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