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The Myth of Efficiency

Production Theory

09/04/2016Articles of Interest
The word "efficiency" in modern economics and politics has been abused to the point of having no useful meaning.

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Murray N. Rothbard: In Memoriam


05/10/2016Articles of Interest
Murray N. Rothbard (1926–1995) was just one man with a typewriter, but he inspired a worldwide renewal in the scholarship of liberty.

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The Economics of War

Free MarketsTaxes and SpendingWar and Foreign Policy

08/18/2015Articles of Interest
Rothbard puts forth a "rational war economy" system for governments to fund their war efforts without stripping the public of liberty and retaining the maximum degree of economic freedom.

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The New Menace of Gandhism

World HistoryInterventionismPolitical Theory

07/24/2015Libertarian Forum 1969–1984
Murray Rothbard discusses the veil of sanctity that has been wrapped around Gandhi by his numerous disciples and exposes his thoughts to the rigors of individual freedom and genuine civil disobedience.

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Transparency or Deception: What the Fed Was Saying in 2007

Big GovernmentThe Fed

03/25/2015Articles of Interest
This paper examines the communications of officials from the Federal Reserve during 2007, the year between the end of the housing bubble and the beginning of the financial crisis.

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Was the American Revolution Radical?

U.S. History

12/18/2014Articles of Interest
[Chapter 80, "Was the American Revolution Radical?," from Murray N. Rothbard's Conceived in Liberty , vol. 4, The Revolutionary War, 1775–1784 .] Especially since the early 1950s, America has been concerned with opposing revolutions throughout the world; in the process, it has generated a...

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Reflections in Berlin

World HistoryOther Schools of Thought

11/11/2014Articles of Interest
New Individualist Review 1, no. 4 (Winter 1962) THOSE AMERICANS WHO belong to the sophisticated academic circles which continue, in their hearts, to look on Communism as largely a myth invented by the John Birch Society ought to take a trip to Berlin. Here they will be able to ascertain for...

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A Note to Our Subscribers

A note to the subscribers of Left and Right informing them of the special 1968 Harry Barnes-Pearl Harbor double-length issue. Volume 4, Number 1 (1968)

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Pearl Harbor After a Quarter of a Century

U.S. HistoryWar and Foreign PolicyWorld HistoryPolitical Theory

08/08/2014Left and Right
The surprise Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, is regarded by most persons who recall it at all as an isolated dramatic episode, now consigned to political and military archeology. Quite to the contrary, on account of our entry Into the war, it became one of the most decisive...

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Harry Elmer Barnes, RIP


On August 25, 1968. less than a week after completing the final draft of the article which constitutes this issue of Left and Right , Harry Elmer Barnes died at the age of 79. Murray N. Rothbard recounts the life of Barnes and the legacy he will leave behind. Volume 4, Number 3 (1968)

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