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12/27/2012Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr.

Ron Paul has given us a huge opportunity. With your help, we intend to take full advantage of it.

I mean, of course, Ron’s teaching of Austrian economics and the free market, and the crimes of the Fed and the government, to millions of young people. He touched hearts and changed minds in a way I’ve never seen, though Murray Rothbard predicted it more than 25 years ago.

Political campaigns seldom do any good. But when Ron told young people about capitalism and honest money vs. the business cycle, taxes, Keynesianism, socialism, fascism, the police state and war, young people listened and cheered.

It shocks many people to hear the unvarnished truth. They want to believe the propaganda. But the young, the smart, and the idealistic are hungry for the truth. They’re sick and tired of the TV, DC, and classroom lies. They want freedom and prosperity, and they want to learn how to bring them about.

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Thus the Mises Institute. Thirty years ago, at the very beginning, Ron helped gather the seed money essential to our launch. Then as now, there were no billionaire “angels,” but many individual donors, men and women who care only about freedom and the future. People like you.

For three decades — in a sense — we’ve been getting ready for the Ron Paul Moment. Just this year, we've taught many more thousands of young people, through our website, our student programs, and publications. All over the world, the Mises Institute is known as the place to study Austrian economics, the State, and liberty. We can help everyone from high-school students to senior scholars, and business leaders, professionals, the clergy, and journalists, too.

Our faculty programs reach out to every professor in America and the world interested in our ideas. And just as our number of students is booming, so is the number of teachers. Our high-school, college, and graduate programs, academic journals, online and physical books, and audio and video lectures, make the best scholarship available to all, often at no charge.

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Why? Because we are dedicated to building the intellectual foundations of freedom, now and into the future. Many times Ron has mentioned to me just how successful we've been with the young people he meets, despite their indoctrination. Keep it up, he always says.

But we must do more, especially now. Ron has asked me for our help, and so we will buckle down and work harder. We want to build our undergraduate and graduate programs online and on our campus, our library and archives, and our opportunities for good faculty. At a time when higher education is in decline, corrupted by government control and government money, the Mises Institute represents not only what is right, but the future.

The Institute combines the newest in high-tech learning with the best traditions of classical teaching. We want to provide a real education to every deserving student who wants it, and the Ron Paul kids are the key to our future. Won’t you help us in the great task of providing the sound economics, good philosophy, and real history they want so desperately to learn?

Please help us continue the work of the great thinkers who were Ron’s mentors and ours: Mises, Rothbard, Hayek, Hazlitt, Sennholz, and the other greats. Help us reach out to all the young people whose spirits Ron has stirred, on thousands of campuses (and millions of laptops!). Help us be the intellectual arsenal that liberty deserves. Help us defend sound money, capitalism, peace, and a truly free society.

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Please make the most generous tax-deductible donation you can to the Mises Institute, and to the great cause that you and Ron love.

We have our work cut out for us, but if you could join me in looking into Ron Paul’s great and good face as he speaks about the future, and see the shining faces of all the smart young people who look to him for guidance, you would know that truth is on our side, and so is time. As Mises said, not even the predatory state can defeat our ideas.

But the truth must be developed, taught, and spread. Please help the Mises Institute do the historic work to which we’ve been called, at this all-important moment.

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