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The Next Generation of Austrian Economics: Essays in Honor Joseph T. Salerno is a celebratory volume honoring the work of a respected and beloved teacher. It signifies a flourishing career of significant achievement, and also the gratitude and well-wishes of his students.

Dr. Salerno, longtime Professor of Economics at Pace University and Academic Vice President of the Mises Institute, is honored in these pages by the very students whose lives and careers he influenced. His important work in monetary theory and policy, not to mention his great exposition of Austrian school sociology, are addressed here by contributors such as Dr. Philip Bagus, Dr. David Howden, Dr. Per Bylund, Dr. Mateusz Machaj, Dr. Matthew McCaffrey, Dr. Peter Klein, and others.

Salerno stands at the head of what may be termed the “5th generation” of Austrian economists, having been both a friend and close associate of the late Murray Rothbard (not to mention a young attendee at the famed 1974 South Royalton conference). But as this volume illustrates, Joe is also a great friend, mentor, and godfather to an emergent new generation of formidable Austrian economists.