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A New Pattern for a Tired World

  • A New Patter for A Tired World

Tags Philosophy and Methodology

11/21/1972Louis Bromfield

This is a book about many things which concern us all. When I use the word "all" I mean not only citizens of the U.S. but British, Chinese, Indians, the people of Latin America, indeed mankind everywhere in the world. In times of confusion and violence such as these, such a book cannot be either a mild one or a tactful one, designed to spare the feelings of those here and there who have found themselves either through ambition or accident, in positions of great authority in which they have failed or at best made only mediocre contributions toward the peace, welfare and future stability of the world. Nor can it be unviolent and appeasing toward many of the radical ideas or the utopianism which have confused so many issues, produced so many destructive values and caused so much suffering and tragedy.


Arno Press, New York, 1972

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