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The Mises Week in Review: October 17, 2015

  • The Mises Week in Review: October 17, 2015

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10/17/2015Mises Institute

On Tuesday, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders stood up on the stage of a Democratic Party presidential debate and proudly proclaimed himself a “democratic socialist” to an adoring crowd. Spurred on by myths about the success of socialism in countries like Sweden and Norway, the horrors of a centrally planned economy have never been more popular in American politics. As Mises President Jeff Deist highlighted in Thursday’s Mises Daily:

These ideas, and the people who hold them, are not outliers in America. There are millions … who believe exactly as Bernie believes. They may prefer to vote for Hillary Clinton purely as a tactical matter because they are unsure the country is “ready” for full socialism … but average progressives and Democrats agree with Bernie Sanders across the board …

Ninety-five years after Ludwig von Mises published his indispensable essay Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth, it is as critical to stand up to the tyranny of statism — on any scale — now as ever before.

The devastating consequences of government intervention into healthcare markets is the topic of this week’s episode of Mises Weekends. Charles Hugh Smith joins Jeff to discuss how Washington’s desire to eliminate markets from medicine has led to the industry being captured both by incompetent government regulators and insurance lobbyists.

Charles Hugh Smith: The US Healthcare Debacle

In case you missed any of them, here are this week’s featured Mises Daily articles and some of our most popular articles at Mises Wire:


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