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Extorting Low-Income Individuals to Help "the Poor"

Big GovernmentTaxes and SpendingInterventionism

05/11/2015Mises Daily Articles
Many poverty relief laws and policies are premised on the assumption that only "the rich" will bear the costs. In fact, the incomes and well-being of many low-income individuals are taxed and diminished to benefit a nebulous group known as "the poor."...

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Seven Changes Needed in Baltimore and Ferguson Right Now

Legal SystemEntrepreneurshipInterventionism

05/08/2015Mises Daily Articles
Communities like Baltimore and Ferguson have been crippled by government regulations and the American nanny state. Now is the time to allow local residents to break free of government wage controls, government schooling, and government prohibitions.

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Financial Warfare and the Declining Dollar

Money and BanksWar and Foreign PolicyMoney and Banking

05/07/2015Mises Daily Articles
With huge debts and an immensely inflated supply of dollars, the US is vulnerable to its own "Suez moment" in which foreign regimes can nullify American foreign policy without firing a shot...

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"Perfect Competition" and Antitrust

Legal SystemMonopoly and Competition

05/06/2015Mises Daily Articles
Antitrust law is still heavily reliant on notions of perfect competition and other static models of how markets should work. In truth, the dynamism of the marketplace does all that is necessary to prevent the rise of monopolies.

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Why Larry Summers Doesn’t Understand Economic Inequality

Global EconomyU.S. Economy

05/05/2015Mises Daily Articles
Economists long ago disproved the idea that if the rich get a bigger slice of pie, everyone else’s slice must be getting smaller. In fact, the data continues to show that inequality and growth are not at odds...

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Rothbard and Market Economics in China

Global EconomyWorld HistoryHistory of the Austrian School of Economics

05/02/2015Mises Daily Articles
In this interview, Jing Jin, Associate Dean at the China Economics and Management Academy in Beijing, discusses how Mises and Rothbard have affected her academic work, and how Austrian economics is gaining traction in China today.

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The High Cost of Centrally Planning the Global Climate

The EnvironmentGlobal EconomyInterventionism

05/01/2015Mises Daily Articles
Even if the global warming lobby is eventually able to prove their case for the existence of global warming, that would still do nothing to prove the necessity of their plan for global economic controls, and thus, the impoverishment of billions.

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The Many Failures of the CPI

The FedMoney and BankingPrices

04/29/2015Mises Daily Articles
Measuring aggregate prices through a consumer price index is inherently arbitrary because someone decides what to measure and how. There are better ways to do it, but "fixing" the measure will do nothing to fix the ills of the Fed's monetary policy...

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Paul Krugman’s Love Affair with France

Booms and BustsGlobal Economy

04/27/2015Mises Daily Articles
Paul Krugman is desperate to believe that the French economy is doing quite well. That would prove that Krugman's anti-austerity crusade must be on the right track. Unfortunately for Krugman, and for France, things aren't going so well...

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The "Living Wage" Mistake

HealthTaxes and SpendingInterventionism

04/25/2015Mises Daily Articles
Those who want a higher minimum wage often claim it is necessary to combat a rising cost of living. However, these same people often support policies that raise the cost of living and drive real wages down.

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