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How Government Cutbacks Ended Sweden’s Great Depression

Booms and BustsFree MarketsInterventionism

12/25/2013Mises Daily Articles
Sweden, once the crown jewel of the welfare state, took the road less traveled, and emerged as a financially sound economy, and an example of the economic growth possible with free markets. The country’s financial strength and its ability to resist a global recession are due to the long-term...
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Hambruna y keynesianismo militar: lecciones de la Alemania nazi

World HistoryOther Schools of Thought

12/16/2013Mises Daily Articles
Perdura el mito de que después de que Hitler heredara un país asolado por la Gran Depresión en 1933, sus políticas agresivas dieron un vuelco a la nación y crearon una potencia económica. Pero la verdad es algo muy diferente. Se convirtió en una historia de racionamiento, escasez y miseria en el...
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How the Paper Money Experiment Will End

Money and BankingOther Schools of Thought

12/13/2013Mises Daily Articles
A paper currency system contains the seeds of its own destruction. The temptation for the monopolist money producer to increase the supply is almost irresistible. A drastic reduction of government spending and deficits is not very likely either, given the incentives for politicians in democracies...
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Hace 90 años: el fin de la hiperinflación alemana

Booms and BustsWorld History

11/15/2013Mises Daily Articles
Una lección aprendida debería ser que el papel moneda fiduciario no funcionará.
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Human Reason and A Priori Economics

History of the Austrian School of EconomicsPraxeology

11/11/2013Mises Daily Articles
Brennan rendered a great service to supporters of a priori economics in the style of Mises and Rothbard, though this is far from his aim.
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How the World Was Made Safe for Crony Capitalism

Corporate WelfareOther Schools of Thought

11/05/2013Mises Daily Articles
The state rarely misses an opportunity to use crisis to its advantage and crony capitalism has become one of the largest benefactors of government fixes.
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How Much Longer Will the Dollar be the Reserve Currency?

The FedGlobal EconomyWorld HistoryMonetary Theory

10/12/2013Mises Daily Articles
The dollar is very susceptible to losing its vaunted reserve currency position.
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Humanitarian Wars and Their NGO Foot-Soldiers

War and Foreign PolicyOther Schools of Thought

10/04/2013Mises Daily Articles
The NGOs are all under the umbrella of US and other government-funded organizations like the International Federation for Human Rights.
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How the Fed Causes Booms and Busts in South America

Booms and BustsThe FedGlobal Economy

09/28/2013Mises Daily Articles
The two largest economic crises in Latin America in the last 60 years occurred after the two largest periods of loose monetary policy by the Fed: 1980 and 2009.
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How the State Destroys Social Cooperation

Free MarketsInterventionism

09/03/2013Mises Daily Articles
Each expansion of government’s reach shrinks freedom and restricts expanding social cooperation.
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