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When "Decolonialization" Creates More Problems than It Allegedly Solves

World History

09/21/2022Mises Media
The academic and political buzzword today is "decolonialization," but what happens when good laws are discarded on the flimsy basis that they were established during a colonial era?
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We Cannot Interpret Economic Data Unless We Know Economic Theory

Central BanksEconomic PolicyThe FedPhilosophy

09/15/2022Mises Media
Logical positivism holds that theory is irrelevant to the empirical results. It is the other way around; One cannot understand or interpret economic data until one has a working economic theory in place.
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When Honesty Is Disincentivized, Don't Be Surprised That Trickery Abounds

Cronyism and CorporatismEconomic PolicyLegal SystemProperty RightsWorld History

09/12/2022Mises Media
Economists often deplore the corruption in developing countries, but when institutions are corrupt, don't expect people to have the incentive to be honest.
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Why I Love "Price Discrimination"

Economic FreedomFree MarketsPrice Controls

09/07/2022Mises Media
Mainstream economists say everyone should pay the same price for the same good. But that doesn't totally make sense.
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Will the US Dollar Weaken against Other Currencies?

InflationStrategyU.S. Economy

08/26/2022Mises Media
For now, the dollar seems to be doing well against other currencies, but how long will that last?
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We Don't Believe You

PhilosophyPolitical Theory

08/20/2022Mises Media
Any political statement made today, by any politician or candidate, can be answered thus: "We don't believe you."
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Who Is Most Responsible for the Ongoing War in Ukraine?

War and Foreign PolicyWorld History

08/20/2022Mises Media
While most people tend to see the Ukraine-Russia war as a current phenomenon, it is the continuation of what happened in Europe more than a century ago.
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Why the "New World Order" Is Impossible to Implement without Creating Mass Chaos

Economic FreedomLegal SystemProperty RightsSocialismThe Police State

08/13/2022Mises Media
Global elites have a "wonderful" plan for the rest of us, even if they don't intend to live within its strictures.
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What Is Fascism?

The FedWorld HistoryOther Schools of ThoughtPolitical Theory

08/02/2022Mises Daily Articles
"The commonly accepted theory that Fascism originated in the conspiracy of the great industrialists to capture the state will not hold. It originated on the Left."
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We Need More Inequality, Not Less

Economic FreedomFree MarketsLibertarianismProgressivism

07/24/2022Mises Media
Progressives claim that inequality is causing poverty and making people's lives worse. In reality, inequality leads to better economic outcomes overall and pulls more people out of poverty.
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