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Saving India from the Keynesians

Global EconomyOther Schools of Thought

03/22/2012Mises Daily Articles
Despite the obvious benefits of liberalization, India still continues to centrally plan the economy and indulge in socialistic schemes.
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Spoil Obama's Breakfast: With Tom DiLorenzo's New Book

EducationU.S. History

03/15/2012Mises Daily Articles
Tom DiLorenzo's new book is a manifesto for Austrian economics and truthful history that will strike a significant blow for our side.
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Seventeen Years of Boom and Bust

Booms and BustsU.S. Economy

03/06/2012Mises Daily Articles
Appropriate at this time is an overview of the Federal Reserve's booms and busts.
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Street Freak

Financial Markets

02/13/2012Mises Daily Articles
<em>Street Freak</em> is a great American success story &mdash; with a twist. The book is hard to put down.
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Soak the Poor

Taxes and Spending

01/20/2012Mises Daily Articles
Populists didn't think their income-tax gadget would ever be used to "soak the poor."
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Set Culture Free

Media and Culture

01/02/2012Mises Daily Articles
Intellectual-property advocate Robert Levine ignores the group that all of this is meant to serve: the consumers.
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Some Additional Reflections on the Economic Crisis and the Theory of the Cycle

Booms and BustsBusiness Cycles

12/29/2011Mises Daily Articles
The world financial crisis and recession have provided Austrian economists with a golden opportunity.
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Some Considerations on Economic Laws

Free MarketsEntrepreneurshipInterventionismPolitical Theory

11/24/2011Mises Daily Articles
These idealists reveal themselves as believers in force and the efficacy of police measures to curb the egoism of individuals.
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Steve Jobs Was No Innovator — He Was Better

The Entrepreneur

11/22/2011Mises Daily Articles
While not necessarily an innovator, Steve Jobs personifies something far more powerful in a free society — the entrepreneur. An "entrepreneur" is one who "organizes an enterprise through risk and initiative." He accomplished this feat in spades.
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Shakespeare: The Ultimate Market Product

Media and CultureWorld HistoryEntrepreneurship

11/16/2011Mises Daily Articles
The Bard could have been the greatest literary success to never happen had it not been for early-18th-century booksellers.
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