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The Cozy Relationship between the Treasury and the Fed

The FedMoney and BanksTaxes and SpendingMoney and Banking

02/04/2016Mises Daily Articles
Lately, the Fed has been more and more involved in directly funding the Federal government by handing over Fed revenues to the Treasury. In fact, the Fed is handing over enough money to fund the entire food stamp program, and then some.

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The Continuing Demonization of Cash

Money and BanksThe Police StateMoney and Banking

02/03/2016Mises Daily Articles
The public has been successfully conditioned to view the use of cash as something suspicious. Meanwhile, thanks to growing pressure from government, private business now often considers cash to be more trouble than it's worth...

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Are Harsh Sentencing Laws Driving Up Homicide Rates?

Legal SystemThe Police StatePolitical Theory

02/02/2016Mises Daily Articles
The United States is notable for incarcerating a very large portion of its population compared to other countries. Surprisingly, this may increase homicide rates and lead to enclaves of ex-cons which would help explain why so many homicide victims have criminal records.

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How the Blockchain and Gold Can Work Together

Money and BanksGold StandardMoney and Banking

02/01/2016Mises Daily Articles
New technologies, such as the blockchain technology behind digital currencies like bitcoin, may in the future facilitate the convenient use of precious metals as money once again.

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The Week in Review: January 30, 2016

The FedMoney and BanksMoney and BankingPolitical Theory

01/30/2016Mises Daily Articles
After a week of jittery markets, join us LIVE online Saturday for our Mises Circle in Houston, where we'll discuss where the world is headed in 2016...

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Are Government Regulators More Virtuous than Everyone Else?

PricesSubjectivismValue and Exchange

01/29/2016Mises Daily Articles
Economists Robert Shiller and George Akerlof would have us believe that the market sells us things we don’t really want. That’s not true, but even if it were, the proposed solution — government — is even less likely to give us what we want...

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The Market Doesn't Solve Problems; People Do

Philosophy and MethodologySubjectivismValue and Exchange

01/28/2016Mises Daily Articles
Many advocates for free markets often mistakenly speak of "the market" as if markets by themselves somehow solve problems or provide incentives. Only people can do these things, and markets are just a means to an end...

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Mises on Protectionism and Immigration

Global EconomyInterventionismPolitical Theory

01/27/2016Mises Daily Articles
Ludwig von Mises understood that, when it comes to the movement of capital and labor across the borders of nation-states, only the ideology of freedom and free markets can lead to peaceful and fruitful collaboration between states and societies.

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Brazil's Easy-Money Problem

Global EconomyMoney and BanksMoney and Banking

01/26/2016Mises Daily Articles
Thanks to relentless government intervention, the economy in Brazil is in deep trouble. Anyone familiar with Austrian business cycle theory, however, could have predicted the current troubles long ago.

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The Fed Passes the Buck: Blame Oil and China

The FedGlobal EconomyMoney and BanksMoney and Banking

01/25/2016Mises Daily Articles
We're being told to blame the current market volatility and emerging crisis on oil prices, China, and a "strong dollar." To find the real causes, though, we must look at central banks and at past mistakes and malinvestments...

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