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What True Health Care Reform Would Look Like

Big GovernmentFree MarketsHealth

01/05/2015Mises Daily Articles
Many look to socialize health care as a way to reduce costs, but the only way to increase supply and reduce costs is for government to stop subsidizing health care while limiting its supply.

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The "Dog-Eat-Dog" Delusion

Legal SystemPrivate PropertyValue and Exchange

01/03/2015Mises Daily Articles
Opponents of free markets sometimes describe market competition of dog-eat-dog, but that metaphor has nothing to do with markets and everything to do with politics and war.

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How Reducing GDP Increases Economic Growth

Big GovernmentTaxes and Spending

01/02/2015Mises Daily Articles
Reducing government spending results in an immediate increase in welfare for all productive members of the economy. But, the way we calculate economic growth is rigged to make it look like more government spending fuels economic growth.

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Vintage Rothbard to Ring In The New Year

War and Foreign PolicyWorld HistoryPolitical Theory

01/01/2015Mises Daily Articles
On behalf of everyone at the Mises Institute, we wish you a very happy, healthy, peaceful, and productive New Year! In this talk, Murray Rothbard reflects on the past while looking to the future of peace and free markets in our society.

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Chinese Savings vs. American Spending

Booms and BustsGlobal Economy

01/01/2015Mises Daily Articles
One thing the Chinese regime has not managed to do is erase the Chinese fondness for saving money. But in America, where over one-third of the population is on public assistance, it spends as much as possible.

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Government Spending Does Not Help the Economy

Taxes and SpendingU.S. Economy

12/31/2014Mises Daily Articles
Keynesians believe that more government spending leads to more economic growth, but in addition to crowding out productive enterprises, government spending necessitates the transfer of wealth from the productive class to the government class.

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Terrorism and Police States in Exodus: Gods and Kings

Media and Culture

12/30/2014Mises Daily Articles
Ridley Scott's new sword-and-sandal epic Exodus: Gods and Kings is jam-packed with political messages and imagery. Unfortunately, none of it ever gels into an interesting movie involving interesting characters.

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To "Give Back," Add Real Value

Calculation and KnowledgeValue and Exchange

12/29/2014Mises Daily Articles
"Giving back" is big these days, but how can we know if we’re really making a contribution that someone values? Economics, fortunately, gives us an answer: the best way to "give back" is to earn honest money.

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Hoppe on Democracy, Progress, and the State

World HistoryPolitical Theory

12/27/2014Mises Daily Articles
David Gordon explains how Hans-Hermann Hoppe, while avoiding undue pessimism, takes the conventional view of "progress" in Western society and turns the narrative on its head.

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High Courage and Unusual Integrity

History of the Austrian School of Economics

12/26/2014Mises Daily Articles
"I was once told that Rothbard had an 'unfair advantage,'" Lew Rockwell writes, "because all his works are available for free on the web, thanks to our donors. Give me more such unfairness!

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