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Central Banks Turn to Gold as Losses Mount

Central BanksGlobal EconomyMonetary Policy

02/04/2023Mises Media
The only reason central banks buy gold is to protect their balance sheets from their own monetary destruction programs; they have no choice but to do so.
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Corporate Welfare for Farmers Is Swell until It's Not: The Case of Arizona Reservoirs

The FedU.S. HistoryInterventionism

02/02/2023Mises Media
What at first seem like gifts from the state (handouts for some at the expense of others) lead to unfortunate events that cannot be stopped once begun.
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Can Increases in the Supply of Gold Lead to Boom-Bust Cycles?

Booms and BustsInflationBusiness CyclesGold Standard

01/21/2023Mises Media
While an increase in the supply of gold money would lead to higher consumer prices, such increases in the gold supply do not lead to boom-bust cycles.
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Central Bankers Are Poor Archers: The Problems and Failures of Inflation Targeting and Price Stability

Central BanksThe FedInflation

01/14/2023Mises Media
Central bankers follow inflation "target" in their pursuit of "price stability." Not surprisingly, they usually miss their targets -- quite badly -- and we now are living one of those moments.
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Capitalism Does Not Create Social Inequality

Economic PolicyFree MarketsLiberalism

12/21/2022Mises Media
Critics of capitalism claim that it is responsible for creating inequality in society. Yet the precapitalist societies enforced inequality in a rigid social structure.
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College Loans and Hazlitt's Lesson: Ignoring the Larger Picture

Cronyism and CorporatismEconomic PolicyEducation

12/07/2022Mises Media
Politicians calling for student loan forgiveness or free college tuition have failed to understand the larger consequences of unlimited student lending. Henry Hazlitt would have understood.
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Can a Deeply Unserious America Fix Its Economy?

Big GovernmentCentral BanksBusiness CyclesPolitical Theory

12/02/2022Mises Media
A serious political discussion at the federal level would center on structural problems of war and peace, debt and the dollar, and entitlements. But America in 2022 is a deeply unserious country.
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Clausewitz, the UN Charter, and a Libertarian View on War

War and Foreign Policy

11/12/2022Mises Media
Modern warfare is a product of the state, which engages in violence at home and abroad. Peace is possible, but only when the state loses power.
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Consumers, Workers, and Monopolies: Free Markets Serve All

Free MarketsSocialism

11/07/2022Mises Media
Among Mises's contributions was his doctrine of consumer sovereignty in a free market.
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Changing of the Guard: Can Musk Deliver on His Promises for Free Speech and Information?

AntipoliticsBig GovernmentCronyism and CorporatismMedia and CultureProgressivism

11/05/2022Mises Media
While Elon Musk says he will bring free speech back to Twitter, the forces of statism will not be still. The jury is out on how successful Musk's experiment will be.
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