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How Saving Grows the Economy

The EntrepreneurCapital and Interest TheoryEntrepreneurshipValue and Exchange

10/10/2014Mises Daily Articles
Dan Sanchez examines Irwin Schiff's timeless comic book on how savings, innovation, and risk are the building blocks of productivity, progress, and wealth.
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How Third-Party Payers Drive Up Medical Costs


09/22/2014Mises Daily Articles
The modern health insurance industry, a by-product of government regulation and tax policy, has led to a system in which the consumer of medical services doesn’t know the costs or final prices charged for services. Without a functioning system of price signals, prices cannot be contained.
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How to Make Goods More Expensive: Target Truckers

Big GovernmentTaxes and SpendingU.S. Economy

09/11/2014Mises Daily Articles
The trucking industry has historically offered many opportunities for small-scale owner-operators and laborers alike. Government management of the industry, however, from environmental regulations to labor guidelines, have cut deep into trucker productivity, all the while raising prices for both...
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How Non-Profits Enhance Freedom and Markets

Free MarketsEntrepreneurship

08/28/2014Mises Daily Articles
The nonprofit form of enterprise is indispensable to both recipient individuals and the benefactors who fund them.
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Higher Ed Cronyism in Serbia: A Case Study

Corporate WelfareGlobal Economy

08/15/2014Mises Daily Articles
One of the most common ways in which cronyism manifests itself in Serbia is when professional degrees and employment positions are awarded based on political party membership , and not on the basis of professional expertise.
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Hollywood and the State: A Longtime Partnership

Big GovernmentMedia and CultureInterventionism

08/01/2014Mises Daily Articles
Not content with just the movie industry, the US government has also turned to the video game industry in more recent decades.
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How Government Uses “Efficiency” as an Excuse to Steal

Big GovernmentInterventionism

07/24/2014Mises Daily Articles
The word efficiency as used by government has been demoted from a useful analytical term to little more than another warning to watch your wallet.
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How to Start Reforming the Federal Reserve Right Now

The FedLegal System

07/23/2014Mises Daily Articles
Republicans are certainly not in a position to legislate radical monetary reform. But that is no excuse for a careless decision by the would-be reformers to veer into a cul-de-sac under the misleading directions of Professor Taylor.
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How the Drug War Drives Child Migrants to the US Border

Legal SystemWar and Foreign PolicyInterventionism

07/14/2014Mises Daily Articles
An increasing percentage of migrants to the US-Mexican border are from Central American countries. It is not merely a coincidence that these same areas have been devastated by the American war on drugs, which has destroyed economies and increased crime in much of the region.
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How To Have Law Without Legislation

Free MarketsLegal System

07/05/2014Mises Daily Articles
Murray Rothbard explores Bruno Leoni’s call for a return to the ancient traditions and principles of "judge-made law" as a method of limiting the state and ensuring liberty.
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