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The Petrodollar-Saudi Axis Is Why Washington Hates Iran

Financial MarketsWar and Foreign Policy

11/06/2022Mises Media
The Ponzi game known as selling US government debt is nearing its end. The seller is running out of suckers.
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The Dollar's Global Wake of Destruction

The FedGlobal EconomyInflation

11/01/2022Mises Media
Even with near-record inflation, the US dollar still has gained strength relative to other currencies. This does not mean that the Fed has been acting responsibly.
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The Fed's Current Monetary Stance Will Lead to Stagflation, Not Deflation

Booms and BustsInflationUnemploymentU.S. Economy

10/29/2022Mises Media
After following hyper-Keynesian policies for more than two decades, the Fed is about to create the conditions that Keynesians claimed were impossible: an inflationary recession.
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To Many, America Still Is a Place of Opportunity (Unless Progressives Destroy That, Too)

Free MarketsImmigration

10/28/2022Mises Media
People still come to America, but it is because of the foundation created by private enterprise, not because of progressive politics.
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The Nobel for Government Intervention: Bernanke and Others Rewarded for Flawed Theories

Booms and BustsThe Fed

10/25/2022Mises Media
This year's trio of Nobel winners in economics are short on actual economics and long on government intervention.
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The Bank of England Made Liz Truss a Scapegoat

Central BanksGlobal EconomyMoney and Banks

10/24/2022Mises Media
The only lesson for the United Kingdom is to remember that if you follow Greece’s economic policies, you get Greek debt, unemployment, and growth.
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The Perils of Higher Education: Institutional Failure


10/23/2022Mises Media
As we watch the once proud edifice of higher education in the USA crumble, we realize that we are looking at institutional failure itself.
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The West Didn't Become Rich Because of Slavery But in Spite of It

Labor and WagesPovertyU.S. History

10/20/2022Mises Media
Hyperinflation? Yes, it can happen here, and the more officials deny hyperinflation is possible, the more they create the conditions that causes it.
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Thanks to the Fed, You'll Work More This Year to Keep Last Year's Standard of Living

The FedInflationU.S. History

10/18/2022Mises Media
This is the "American dream" the Fed has given us: work more jobs and longer hours to keep paying those bills that are now growing at 8 percent per year.
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The Alex Jones Verdict Shows the Danger of Defamation Laws

LawMedia and Culture

10/18/2022Mises Media
The idea of defamation as a punishable legal matter is based on the notion that people do not have free will and are not responsible for their own actions.
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