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James Watt: monopolista

Legal SystemMonopoly and CompetitionPhilosophy and MethodologyPrivate Property

01/17/2009Mises Daily Articles
La negativa de Boulton y Watt a conceder licencias que permitieran a otros fabricantes de motores emplear el principio del condensador separado retrasó claramente el desarrollo y la introducción de mejoras.
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James Watt: Monopolist

Legal SystemMonopoly and CompetitionPhilosophy and MethodologyPrivate Property

01/17/2009Mises Daily Articles
Boulton and Watt's refusal to issue licenses allowing other engine makers to employ the separate-condenser principle clearly retarded the development and introduction of improvements.
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Jobarama: Obama's "Investment"

Booms and BustsThe FedProduction Theory

11/20/2008Mises Daily Articles
Jobs cannot be created by government fiat.
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Joe the Outlaw

Legal SystemTaxes and SpendingEntrepreneurship

10/19/2008Mises Daily Articles
By practicing plumbing without a license, Joe is bucking the system in a truly heroic way.
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John Kenneth Galbraith and the Sin of Affluence

Free MarketsInterventionismPhilosophy and Methodology

09/13/2008Mises Daily Articles
In short, the Galbraithian view of the business and marketing system makes little or no sense.
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John Lilburne: The First English Libertarian

BiographiesFree MarketsWorld History

03/29/2008Mises Daily Articles
Lilburne's courageous campaigns for liberty resulted in him spending much of his life in prisons.
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John T. Flynn and the Myth of FDR

BiographiesThe FedU.S. History

03/01/2008Mises Daily Articles
Roosevelt needed the war and wanted the war, and the war came.
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John Wayne's 100th

Free MarketsMedia and Culture

03/31/2007Mises Daily Articles
Unfortunately the Duke hadn't discovered Murray Rothbard, otherwise he might not have thought government necessary, just evil.
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Join the Revolution in Ideas

Austrian Economics Overview

12/06/2006Mises Daily Articles
Murray Rothbard always looked to the new generation as the source of intellectual fire for the movement for liberty. They are prepared to look at the world a new way. The impulse toward freedom — implanted in their hearts — leads them to be open to libertarian ideas, and to be critical of the...
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J.K. Galbraith Celebrated Power, Not Freedom

05/15/2006Mises Daily Articles
He was revered as a dissident, writes William Anderson, but the truth is that he celebrated power in all its forms all his life.
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