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Don't Call It Capitalism: The Fed's $8 Trillion Hoard of Financial Assets

CapitalismThe FedMoney and Banks

01/29/2023Mises Media
Now would be a great time to stop pretending that the financial sector is "free market" or that price inflation and cost-of-living surges are somehow all the fault of "capitalism."
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Defining a Good: The Intersection of Saint Thomas Aquinas and Carl Menger

PhilosophyAustrian Economics OverviewPhilosophy and MethodologySubjectivismValue and Exchange

01/11/2023Mises Media
The roots of Austrian economics go back to the great theologian Saint Thomas Aquinas, whose view of what constitutes a good was a prototype of Menger's pathbreaking theory of the good.
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Digital Currency: The Fed Moves toward Monetary Totalitarianism

The FedMoney and BanksProgressivismSocialism

12/18/2022Mises Media
One hardly can imagine a better tool of social control than a digital currency. Not surprisingly, US monetary authorities are moving in that direction.
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Deflation Is Not a Problem: Reversing It Is

Central BanksInflationKeynesU.S. Economy

12/09/2022Mises Media
Keynesian economists claim that deflation is as bad or worse than inflation. But deflation not only reverses inflation's bad effects but also allows new wealth creation.
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Do "Technology Shocks" Create the Boom-Bust Cycles?

Booms and BustsCentral BanksMoney and Banks

11/15/2022Mises Media
The 2004 Nobel Prize in economics was awarded to two economists for their claim that "technology shocks" cause boom-bust cycles. They have it wrong.
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Does Bank Lending by Itself Set Off Boom and Bust Cycles?

Central BanksInflationMoney and Banks

10/14/2022Mises Media
What happens when banks lend money? It depends on the lending process itself. If lending comes about because of an expansion of credit, then it creates problems.
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Despite Their Hubris, Monetary Authorities Do Not Have Total Control

The FedInflationMonetary Policy

09/29/2022Mises Media
While officials in the White House, Treasury, and the Fed give the appearance of being in control, but in truth, they cannot undo the damage they have done.
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Do People Accept Money Because Government Endorses It?

Central BanksInflationMonetary Policy

09/29/2022Mises Media
Why does money have value? Typical economists claim that money is valuable because the government declares it so. But that is impossible, given the true origins of money, which are best explained by Austrian economists.
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Does Capitalism Itself Create Economic Instability or Is Central Banking the Culprit?

Booms and BustsCapitalismKeynes

09/25/2022Mises Media
Post-Keynesians believe that capitalism is internally unstable, leading to necessary intervention by the central bank. Austrians see that as backward reasoning, as policies by the central bank to create credit from nothing is the problem.
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Democracy and Liberty

Free MarketsOther Schools of Thought

09/24/2022Mises Daily Articles
It is generally accepted that a government can enslave the citizens—unless it is a democratic government. Mistake!
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