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Christianity and the Development of Human Capital: Challenging the Narratives

PhilosophyWorld History

05/26/2022Mises Media
While the standard secular narrative is that Christianity held back science and human development, history tells a different story, one of literacy and the development of human capital.
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Can the State Reduce Poverty?

Free MarketsLegal SystemPovertyInterventionism

05/16/2022Mises Daily Articles
Antipoverty "strategies" like mandatory overtime pay, state-protected unionization, and opposition to labor-saving devices only serve to increase the cost of living for poor and rich alike.
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Capital Goods and Capital

Austrian Economics OverviewCapital and Interest TheoryHistory of the Austrian School of Economics

05/02/2022Mises Daily Articles
The concept of capital is the fundamental concept of economic calculation, the foremost mental tool of the conduct of affairs in the market economy. Its correlative is the concept of income.
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Capital Supply and American Prosperity

Free MarketsInterventionismOther Schools of Thought

04/27/2022Mises Daily Articles
The average standard of living in this country is higher than in any other country of the world. This is because the per head quota of capital invested is in America higher than in other countries.
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Commodities Do Not Cause Inflation. Money Printing Does.

Money and Banks

04/09/2022Mises Media
Some blame high prices, wages, the Ukraine war, or the weak recovery. The fact is currency destruction is at the heart of generalized price rises everywhere.
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Comerciar con el enemigo: una tradición americana

U.S. HistoryWar and Foreign PolicyValue and Exchange

03/17/2022Mises Daily Articles
Murray Rothbard cuenta cómo durante la Guerra franco-indiana (1754-63), los americanos continuaron con la gran tradición de comerciar con el enemigo, e incluso con más facilidad que antes.
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Confessions of a Right-Wing Liberal

Media and CultureOther Schools of ThoughtPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

03/02/2022Mises Daily Articles
Here is Murray N. Rothbard's 1968 demolition of trends in conservative thought, as printed in Ramparts magazine.
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Crítica de Böhm-Bawerk a la teoría de la explotación del interés

02/22/2022Mises Daily Articles
La refutación de Böhm-Bawerk de la teoría de la explotación es valiosa no sólo como crítica de una doctrina errónea, sino también como una lúcida exposición de la teoría del valor subjetivo.
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Carl Menger: pionero de la «teoría empírica»

BiographiesAustrian Economics OverviewHistory of the Austrian School of Economics

02/05/2022Mises Daily Articles
El de Menger era un método analítico que comenzaba con los fenómenos empíricos más pequeños y procedía lógicamente a partir de ellos. Lo llamó «método empírico».
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Carl Menger: Pioneer of "Empirical Theory"

BiographiesAustrian Economics OverviewHistory of the Austrian School of Economics

02/05/2022Mises Daily Articles
Menger's was an analytical method that began with the smallest empirical phenomena and proceeded logically from there. He called this the "empirical method."
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