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They Won't Leave Us Alone: The Invasion of Politics

HayekU.S. Economy

02/03/2023Mises Media
Forget minding your own business. Ours is the age of invasive politics, demanding we take sides no matter how much we would like to be left alone.
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The Modern State Cannot Exist without Fiat Money

The FedKeynesU.S. EconomyU.S. HistoryGold StandardMonetary Theory

02/01/2023Mises Media
Fiat money is the fuel of the modern Leviathan state. If we wish to have freedom, we must have sound money.
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The Rise and Fall of Good Money: A Tale of the Market and the State

Money and BanksGold Standard

01/30/2023Mises Media
Once upon a time, the USA had sound, reliable money. Then, a small group of "really intelligent" people decided to "improve" it. We know the rest of the story.
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The State Will Always Set the Rules in Its Favor

AntipoliticsBig GovernmentBureaucracy and Regulation

01/28/2023Mises Media
Remember Lady Justice, who wears a blindfold and holds the scales? She is a state creation, too, and when it comes to state wrongdoing, her thumb holds the scales down.
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The Fed Is a Purely Political Institution, and It's Definitely Not a Bank.

The FedMoney and BanksU.S. EconomyU.S. History

01/28/2023Mises Media
The Federal Reserve is no more "private" than the Environmental Protection Agency, and through its special government status, the Fed inflicts many economic crimes on regular people.
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The Italian City-Republics Were the Manhattan of the Twelfth Century

DemocracyEconomic FreedomWorld History

01/27/2023Mises Media
The move from feudalism to the relatively free capitalist societies occurred slowly, beginning with the emergence of the city-states in Italy in Medieval Europe.
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The Chimera of a Postpandemic Postwar Return to Monetary Normal

The FedInflationMonetary Policy

01/25/2023Mises Media
Government and monetary authorities claim that the worst of the postcovid lockdown disruptions are past and a "return to normal" is just around the corner. It will be a very long corner.
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The Borders between US States Are Obsolete

Decentralization and SecessionLawU.S. History

01/20/2023Mises Media
It's been more than 150 years since most state boundaries were drawn in the US. Since then, demographic and political realities have changed enormously. The boundaries should change too.
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The FDA and the Courts Fail to Truly Discipline the Pharmaceutical Industry for Exploiting the Mentally Ill

Big GovernmentCorporate WelfareCronyism and Corporatism

01/19/2023Mises Media
Does the regulatory system help guarantee safe and effective drugs? Does the system protect drug consumers? Court cases tell us otherwise.
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The Present Fiat Monetary System Is Breaking Down

Monetary PolicyMoney and BanksGold StandardMonetary TheoryMoney and Banking

01/18/2023Mises Media
The fiat monetary system is slowly breaking down, taking the economy with it.
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