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Biden's Executive Order on Equity: It Will Create Greater Inequality

Bureaucracy and RegulationPhilosophy

03/12/2023Mises Media
President Biden's executive order to "strengthen equity" in the federal government is doomed to fail. It will create a lot of havoc in the meantime.
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Biden versus Bastiat

Economic PolicyFree MarketsProtectionism and Free Trade

03/03/2023Mises Media
President Biden's recent call to "buy American" is doomed to failure, just like all other protectionist schemes.
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Biden Is Lying about the Jobs Data

Media and CulturePoliticsUnemploymentU.S. Economy

01/26/2023Mises Media
It's only a good time to be a worker in America if one confuses falling real wages and falling full-time employment with robust employment conditions.
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Behavioral Economics Challenges the Rationality of Consumer Choices

PhilosophyPhilosophy and MethodologyPraxeology

01/11/2023Mises Media
While behavioral economics claims to be an effective way of measuring individual economic behavior, it actually sets back authentic economic analysis.
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Budget Deficit Hits Monthly Record Due to Biden’s Policies

Economic PolicyProgressivismTaxes and SpendingU.S. Economy

01/07/2023Mises Media
Federal budget deficits are increasing, but the Biden administration shows no signs of restraining its spending. This is not going to end well.
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Born on the Tenth of January

LiberalismU.S. HistoryWorld History

12/15/2022Mises Media
Thomas Paine, whose fiery essay "Common Sense" made a case for the American Revolution, is a much-neglected American founder.
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Bans on "Assault" Weapons Do Not Reduce Crime

Free MarketsLawProtectionism and Free TradeThe Police State

11/30/2022Mises Media
Biden wants to roll out yet another "assault" weapons ban. Supporters claim it will reduce crime, but it will do no such thing.
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Black Hole or Shock Absorber: How Does a Free-Market Economy Respond to Crises?

The FedInflationBusiness Cycles

11/02/2022Mises Media
As the inevitable economic downturn becomes more evident, the Fed will attempt to stop deflation. But what this economy needs is a good dose of it.
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Biggar Thy Neighbor

PaternalismWar and Foreign Policy

10/05/2022Mises Media
Is there a case for an American empire? Professor Nigel Biggar of Oxford University believes so, but David Gordon sets him straight.
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By Compensating Slave Owners, Great Britain Negotiated a Peaceful End to Slavery

DemocracyLawProperty RightsWorld History

09/15/2022Mises Media
By compensating slave owners for the abolition of slavery, Great Britain ended the scourge of chattel slavery long before it was ended in the Americas.
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