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The Economic Foundations of Freedom

Free MarketsInterventionismPolitical Theory

10/06/2021Mises Daily Articles
All the teachings and precepts of ethics presuppose the moral autonomy of the individual and therefore appeal to the individual's conscience.
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The Rise and Fall of the Japanese Miracle

World HistoryCapital and Interest TheoryMoney and BankingPraxeology

09/25/2021Mises Daily Articles
A history of statism and credit expansion that demonstrates the failure of Keynesian policy. (Analysis by Jeffrey Herbener)
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The Not So Wild, Wild West

Free MarketsU.S. HistoryEntrepreneurshipOther Schools of ThoughtPrivate Property

07/05/2021Mises Daily Articles
It appears in the absence of formal government, that the Western frontier was not as wild as legend would have us believe.
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The Drive for Regulatory Harmonization

Free MarketsInterventionism

06/24/2021Mises Daily Articles
With the affected business interests demanding regulatory harmonization and the world's legislators and regulators willing to supply it, who will oppose it? The answer, all too often, is no one.
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They Don't Hate Gold Because It's Gold. They Hate It Because It's Not Government Money.

Free MarketsGold StandardHistory of the Austrian School of EconomicsPrivate Property

06/05/2021Mises Daily Articles
That gold was used as money in the past is merely a historical fact. But the fact that gold was a form of private money, and thus not easily manipulated for government schemes, made it a target of countless intellectual and governmental assaults.
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The Six Stages of the Creation of the State

World HistoryInterventionismOther Schools of ThoughtPolitical Theory

05/24/2021Mises Daily Articles
Franz Oppenheimer explains in detail the manner in which the state seizes control of society, one stage at a time.
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The Noneconomic Objections to Capitalism

Free MarketsOther Schools of ThoughtPhilosophy and Methodology

05/03/2021Mises Daily Articles
The socialists cannot help admitting that capitalism has the tendency to improve the material conditions of mankind. But, they say, it has diverted men from the higher and nobler pursuits.
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The Faith of Entrepreneurs

05/01/2021Mises Daily Articles
For the entrepreneur in a market economy, nothing is a sure thing. Every business is only a short step from bankruptcy. No business possesses the power to make people buy what they do not want. All success is potentially fleeting.
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The Bureaucrat as a Voter

Big GovernmentLegal System

04/28/2021Mises Daily Articles
Representative democracy cannot subsist if a great part of the voters are on the government payroll. If elected officials no longer consider themselves servants of the taxpayers but deputies of those receiving salaries, doles, and subsidies, democracy is done for.
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The Factory System of the Early Nineteenth Century

Free MarketsWorld HistoryInterventionism

04/24/2021Mises Daily Articles
The salient fact, and one which most writers fail to stress, is that, insofar as the working people then had a "choice of alternative benefits," they chose the conditions which the reformers condemned.
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