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Intellectual Roots of Terror

Other Schools of Thought

09/23/2011Mises Daily Articles
When Khrushchev said, "We will bury you," he meant it. Communists buried 85 million people in the 20th century.
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Is Social Security a Ponzi Scheme?

Free MarketsInterventionism

09/19/2011Mises Daily Articles
As far as we know, Ponzi never threatened anybody.
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It's Not about Consumption!

EducationFree MarketsBusiness CyclesInterventionism

09/15/2011Mises Daily Articles
The economy remains moribund, but not because consumption spending has failed to recover.
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I Took Advantage of the Mises Institute Sale — And So Should You!

Austrian Economics Overview

09/12/2011Mises Daily Articles
LvMI wants to see good ideas made available to as many people as possible.
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Indie Authors Shaking the Pillars of Publishing

Free MarketsMedia and Culture

09/08/2011Mises Daily Articles
As with the music industry in recent times, people no longer need large firms to get published.
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Is the Need for Stimulus "Undeniable"?

Other Schools of Thought

09/05/2011Mises Daily Articles
Keynes never provided a well-thought-out argument, much less real evidence, for showing why stimulus would work.
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Is Deleveraging Bad for the Economy?

Booms and Busts

08/15/2011Mises Daily Articles
People should live below their means during the recession.
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In Defense of Internet Anonymity

Free MarketsLegal SystemInterventionism

08/11/2011Mises Daily Articles
Private organizations can set their own policies and allow customers to decide for themselves whether they want the service on those terms. But something more than customer policy is happening with all the latest demands for real names; the state is pushing this.
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In Defense of the Shadow Scholar

EducationFree MarketsInterventionism

08/01/2011Mises Daily Articles
The ghostwriting black market is a slice of spontaneous order that has arisen from the need to circumvent the inefficiencies of the public-education system. The industry is so profitable that some even make it a full-time job.
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Ideas and the Culpability for Violence

Free MarketsThe Police State

07/27/2011Mises Daily Articles
Governments can perpetuate violence in war and against the civilian population every day, but when a private person does the same for political reasons, a struggle ensues to see which line of thinking will pay what price.
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