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Belesbat, Boisguilbert, and the Natural Order of the Free Market

Free MarketsWorld HistoryHistory of the Austrian School of EconomicsInterventionism

08/05/2010Mises Daily Articles
So the basic strategy of trying to convert the king led inexorably to at least a broadly utilitarian approach to the problems of freedom and government intervention.
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Bashing BP — When We Should Be Bashing the Corporatist State

The EnvironmentFiscal TheoryInterventionismOther Schools of Thought

06/23/2010Mises Daily Articles
"Congress and big oil companies colluded to reward risky behavior and lost their bet."
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Barthélemy de Laffemas: The First Major French Mercantilist

BiographiesFree MarketsInterventionismOther Schools of Thought

06/17/2010Mises Daily Articles
"Everyone who opposed his views, according to Laffemas, was selfish, ignorant, and/or a traitor, and should be dealt with accordingly. All who disobeyed the regulations and prohibitions should suffer confiscation of their goods as well as death."
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Building the Ruling Elite

Free MarketsGlobal EconomyWorld HistoryInterventionism

06/10/2010Mises Daily Articles
"Mercantilist 'theory' was a set of rationales designed to uphold or expand particular vested economic interests."
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Barbecue Defined in the Process of Its Emergence

Big GovernmentCorporate WelfareTaxes and SpendingPolitical Theory

04/12/2010Mises Daily Articles
Social order is like barbecue. Both are defined in the process of their emergence.
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Blanchard Pushes for More Inflation

The FedFinancial MarketsInterventionismMonetary Theory

03/16/2010Mises Daily Articles
"This myopic focus on 'price stability' made policymakers blind to other possible pitfalls, such as the surge in credit and the rapid growth in asset prices, and the concomitant misallocation of resources led on by distorted price signals."
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Beware of Government Bonds

The FedFinancial MarketsInterventionismMonetary Theory

03/04/2010Mises Daily Articles
It shouldn't come as a surprise if it eventually turns out that the real danger is, like so often in the past, inflation rather than default.
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Because We Want to Fly

Free MarketsEntrepreneurshipInterventionismPrivate Property

03/03/2010Mises Daily Articles
Property rights, when well-defined and protected, create incentives for self-interested owners to utilize resources in numerous ways that promote the social good.
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Bimetallic Nightmare

Booms and BustsU.S. HistoryGold StandardMonetary Theory

02/19/2010Mises Daily Articles
"Naïve trust in the power of words to command reality is found in all mass delusions."
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Bursting Eugene Fama's Bubble

Booms and BustsThe FedFree MarketsPhilosophy and Methodology

02/15/2010Mises Daily Articles
"Market prices can get screwed up when the Fed tinkers with interest rates. Because of the distorted price signals, the actual real resources are invested improperly."
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