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Bastiat for the Ages

BiographiesFree MarketsHistory of the Austrian School of Economics

07/08/2011Mises Daily Articles
Ludwig von Mises opined in the 1920s that Bastiat's "critique of all protectionist and related tendencies is even today unsurpassed. The protectionists and interventionists have not been able to advance a single word in pertinent and objective rejoinder."
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Battered-Homeowner Syndrome

Booms and BustsFree MarketsMoney and Banking

06/24/2011Mises Daily Articles
While you may see those who walk away from underwater mortgages as morally wrong for breaking their mortgage vows, others see those who stay for the financial beating as stupid. No matter. As prices continue to fall, millions more will make a run for it.
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Biebermania and Its Lessons for Our Time

Media and CultureEntrepreneurship

05/16/2011Mises Daily Articles
Even given his notable talent and hard work, Justin Bieber owes his fame and fortune to the organizing power of human action and choice.
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Booms and Busts

04/19/2011Mises Daily Articles
Mansharamani uses the work of Roger Garrison and other Austrians to great effect. <a href="http://store.mises.org/Boombustology-Spotting-Financial-Bubbles-Before-They-Burst-P10464.aspx">Buy this book in the Mises Store.</a>
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Blinder Understates the Cost of a Carbon Tax

The EnvironmentInterventionism

02/03/2011Mises Daily Articles
Alan Blinder listed numerous alleged benefits of a phased-in carbon tax. Out of his entire column, he devoted a single sentence to the possible downside of his plan when he wrote, "No one likes to pay higher taxes."
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Blame the Physiocrats for Objective-Value Theory

History of the Austrian School of EconomicsSubjectivism

01/27/2011Mises Daily Articles
It was the physiocrats who broke with centuries of sound economic reasoning and contributed to what would become, in the hands of Smith and Ricardo, a reactionary and obscurantist destruction of the correct analysis of value.
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Book Review: Free Banking

Free MarketsMoney and Banks

01/03/2011Mises Daily Articles
While Sechrest's book will be an asset for further research, his untimely death has not only cost many of us a dear friend but will also deprive the continuing debate of his sound scholarship, open mind, and willingness to actively engage in the search for truth.
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Burns Diary Exposes the Myth of Fed Independence

The FedU.S. History

12/27/2010Mises Daily Articles
Burns's diary is page after page of political dirty dealing, lying, and backstabbing. Nixon went so far as to plant negative press about Burns and threatened to expand the Fed's Board of Governors to dilute the chairman's influence.
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Black Pigs and Free Enterprise

The EntrepreneurFree MarketsLegal SystemEntrepreneurship

12/20/2010Mises Daily Articles
Legal or not, destruction is animal-like behavior. It's one thing when it is done by wild pigs. But when identical forms of destruction are sponsored by the state, we are talking about a form of brutality that is purely man-made.
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Boom, Bust, and Gold

Booms and BustsThe FedFree MarketsGold Standard

11/26/2010Mises Daily Articles
A pure gold standard is not conducive to business cycles. Contrary to mainstream economists, it is the attempts of the central banks to bring about price stability and full employment that set in motion the menace of boom-bust cycles.
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