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Post Mortem on the Swiss Franc’s Euro-Peg

Global EconomyMoney and BanksMoney and Banking

01/30/2015Mises Daily Articles
The Swiss central bank's decision to let the Swiss franc find its market value (compared to the euro) was predictable, yet it has caused instability for Swiss markets. Meanwhile, the peg never helped the Swiss economy.
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People Have More Money? Let’s Tax It!

Free MarketsTaxes and SpendingU.S. History

01/19/2015Mises Daily Articles
The drop in gas prices has left households with a little extra money to spend. So naturally, the state thinks it's a great time to raise gas taxes. Otherwise, taxpayers would just waste that money on their families.
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Private Volunteers Step In Where Police Are AWOL

The EntrepreneurThe Police StateU.S. History

12/23/2014Mises Daily Articles
Where police fail, as at Ferguson and in Detroit, private firms and volunteers have stepped in. And yet the state continues to claim that its employed enforcers are a thin blue line between order and chaos.
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Punishment and Proportionality

Philosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

12/05/2014Mises Daily Articles
The state now claims to be a party to every crime and claims the right to mete out punishments that have nothing to do with obtaining restitution for the victims. Instead, criminals are "rehabilitated" at taxpayer expense.
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Politicians to Business Owners: Drop Dead

Big GovernmentU.S. Economy

12/04/2014Mises Daily Articles
It's become common for populists to claim that what's good for businesses is bad for workers. It remains unclear, however, where all those workers are supposed to find jobs.
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Post Mortem on the Swiss Gold Initiative

Global EconomyMoney and BanksGold Standard

12/03/2014Mises Daily Articles
The Swiss gold initiative has failed, and although it was portrayed as a very radical bill by supporters of fiat money, it was a very mild effort that would not have done much to limit the Swiss central bank.
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Pakistan and the Problem of Military Aid

War and Foreign Policy

11/13/2014Mises Daily Articles
War is the outcome of class conflict inherent in the political relationship — the relationship between ruler and ruled, parasite and producer, tax-consumer and taxpayer. The parasitic class makes war with purpose and deliberation in order to conceal and ratchet up their exploitation of the much...
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Public Accommodation and Social Engineering

Big GovernmentFree MarketsPrivate Property

10/24/2014Mises Daily Articles
Public accommodation laws that prohibit discrimination render property rights moot and create a legal system designed to force agreement with the state's official moral code.
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Price Deflation and Price Inflation Are Always Optimal


10/13/2014Mises Daily Articles
Recently, the Polish economy experienced its first price deflation since the 1980s, which sparked deflationphobia.
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Patrick Barron: Currency Wars and the Death of the Euro

Financial MarketsMoney and Banks

09/27/2014Mises Daily Articles
Jeff Deist and Patrick Barron discuss what's going on in the EU, how Germany in particular suffers from being yoked to the other Eurozone nations, and what the comeback of the Deutsche Mark might mean for Europe — and for America. Patrick Barron is a private consultant in the banking industry. He...
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