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Judge Jackson's Bad Economics

Monopoly and CompetitionPolitical Theory

06/08/2000Mises Daily Articles
He is working with an outdated and unsound theory of how firms compete in the marketplace.
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Justifying ATM Fees

Free MarketsMedia and CultureMoney and Banks

04/20/2000Mises Daily Articles
It's not the high costs to the bank that explain why fast cash is pricey. These fees are simply a market price for a service that is highly in demand.
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Japan's Attack on Microsoft

Legal SystemMonopoly and Competition

02/14/2000Mises Daily Articles
The Japanese FTC used kid gloves, but still punished the firm for doing what competitors are supposed to do.
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JoAnn Beatrice Schumacher Rothbard (1928-1999)


10/30/1999Mises Daily Articles
She was Murray's "indispensable framework" and a scholar in her own right.
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Japan Can't Inflate Away Its Woes

Booms and BustsMonetary TheoryMoney and Banking

10/29/1999Mises Daily Articles
Central bankers mistake the cause for the cure. (Essay by Jeffrey Herbener)
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Jury Duty

Free MarketsLegal System

06/02/1999Mises Daily Articles
Dominick Armentano explains why this coercive institution should be abolished, for reasons of both efficiency and liberty.
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Justice & Regulation

Big GovernmentThe EnvironmentInterventionism

12/06/1998Mises Daily Articles
Should the market or regulators place plants and waste sites?
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Joys of Bundling

Big GovernmentCorporate WelfareLegal SystemU.S. Economy

07/29/1998Mises Daily Articles
Thomas DiLorenzo defends tying agreements and exclusive contracts.
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