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Reflections on the Pure Theory of Money of Mr. J.M. Keynes

Other Schools of ThoughtPhilosophy and Methodology

12/03/2021Mises Daily Articles
Hayek relentlessly scrutinizes and exposes the weak and patchwork structure of Keynes's theoretical arguments and then dismantles it brick by brick, leaving nothing standing.
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Rethinking Churchill

BiographiesWar and Foreign PolicyWorld History

11/23/2021Mises Daily Articles
Churchill was from first to last a Man of the State, of the welfare state and of the warfare state. Churchill never had a principle he did not in the end betray.
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Refusing to Disarm: Lexington and Concord

Free MarketsU.S. History

04/18/2020Mises Daily Articles
The Americans were willing to disperse, but not to disarm. So on April 19, 1775, they took up arms against one of the most powerful regimes on earth.
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Republics in History

World HistoryOther Schools of ThoughtPolitical Theory

05/29/2019Mises Daily Articles
The great boon of human freedom experienced in earlier decades has, in the long record of thousands of years, been enjoyed by a mere fraction of the people and for only a brief moment in history
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Redimiendo la Revolución Industrial

Free MarketsWorld HistoryInterventionism

08/10/2018Mises Daily Articles
Ya sea que la "difamación" se deba a una tergiversación de los hechos o a la imposición de ideologías, la Revolución Industrial debería presentar una demanda por difamación contra los historiadores.
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Redeeming the Industrial Revolution

Free MarketsWorld HistoryInterventionism

08/10/2018Mises Daily Articles
Whether the "slander" is due to a misrepresentation of fact or the imposition of ideology, the Industrial Revolution should bring a libel suit against historians.
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Rothbard's Monetary Thought

Money and BanksMonetary Theory

04/14/2018Mises Daily Articles
An overlooked volume of essays deals with Rothbard's monetary thought. Martin Stefunko regards it as mixed but valuable.
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Rockefeller, Morgan, and War

War and Foreign PolicyWorld HistoryInterventionism

03/20/2017Mises Daily Articles
During the 1930s, the Rockefellers pushed hard for war against Japan.
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Railway Socialism and Safety

Taxes and SpendingMonopoly and Competition

05/21/2015Mises Daily Articles
In the wake of the Amtrak railway disaster, we’re likely to hear that the solution to the problem is more tax funding and regulation. Few will suggest privatizing the railways. But the historical record suggests that privatization does indeed make for safer railroads.
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Rothbard and Market Economics in China

Global EconomyWorld HistoryHistory of the Austrian School of Economics

05/02/2015Mises Daily Articles
In this interview, Jing Jin, Associate Dean at the China Economics and Management Academy in Beijing, discusses how Mises and Rothbard have affected her academic work, and how Austrian economics is gaining traction in China today.
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