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Ready for Retirement? Fewer and Fewer Americans Are Saving for That Time

InflationMoney and BanksPoverty

03/17/2023Mises Media
Because of inflation and a lack of a savings ethic, Americans are less prepared for retirement than ever. The numbers are discouraging.
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Readying the War State: Biden Recommits to Protectionism in the SOTU

Cronyism and CorporatismFree MarketsPoliticsProtectionism and Free Trade

03/10/2023Mises Media
President Biden's call for more protectionism isn't aimed improving the US economy. Instead, it is about creating a war-footing autarky.
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Roald Dahl and James Bond Books Are Getting Woke Rewrites. Copyright Law Ensures You Can't Stop Them.

LawMedia and CultureProgressivismU.S. History

03/06/2023Mises Media
Thanks to copyright laws, the estate of Roald Dahl can not only rewrite his books, but can also essentially outlaw the old versions. Only books in the public domain are safe from this.
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Remember the Alamo! Moses Rose's Last Stand

Bureaucracy and RegulationProperty RightsEntrepreneurship

02/28/2023Mises Media
In the name of "economic development," San Antonio's government is seeking to seize a thriving business near the Alamo.
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Raise the Social Security Age to (at Least) 75

Monetary PolicyPoliticsSocialismU.S. Economy

02/08/2023Mises Media
As life expectancy has risen, so have runaway costs. Raising the age won't make Social Security just, prudent, or wise. But cutting federal spending is always the right thing to do.
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Real Wages Fall for the Twenty-First Month as Rent and Food Prices Keep Rising

Money and BanksU.S. Economy

01/24/2023Mises Media
The Federal Reserve has yet to get price increases anywhere near its own arbitrary 2 percent goal, but a mild slowing in growth rates has Biden claiming that price inflation is "falling."
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Rome's Runaway Inflation: Currency Devaluation in the Fourth and Fifth Centuries

InflationWorld HistoryGold StandardMoney and Banking

01/24/2023Mises Media
No matter the historical era, governments have excelled at one thing: debasing their own currency. Rome was no exception, as Roman government excesses required inflation—lots of inflation.
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Reflections upon the Centennial of Mises's Socialism

PhilosophySocialismWorld History

12/17/2022Mises Media
It has been a hundred years since Mises published Socialism . It is more relevant than ever.
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Renewables and EVs in the Grip of Lesseps Syndrome

SocialismStrategyU.S. Economy

12/09/2022Mises Media
The so-called green energy strategy is no strategy at all. Instead, it is an attempt to cripple the energy industries in vain hopes that renewables will magically cover the energy shortfall.
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Relying on Experts: A Proven Path to Failure

EducationFinancial MarketsProgressivismStrategy

11/30/2022Mises Media
American political, educational, and economic life is increasingly dominated by "experts." We should not be surprised that they fail most of the time.
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