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Baby Formula: Thank Protectionists and the FDA for the Shortage

HealthU.S. Economy

5 hours agoMises Media
With the shortage have come the usual half-baked bromides about "evil corporations" and how they aren't regulated enough. The real fault lies with welfare statists, Trump-style protectionists, and the FDA.
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Remembering Henry Hazlitt

BiographiesFree MarketsHistory of the Austrian School of Economics

05/19/2022Mises Daily Articles
Hazlitt popularized sound economic thinking, was a critic of Keynes, and contributed to ethical moral philosophy. Not bad for a poor fatherless boy and college dropout.
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Property Rights Are Human Rights

05/18/2022Mises Daily Articles
Much is heard these days of the distinction between human rights and property rights. But far from being in conflict, property rights are the most basic of all human rights.
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Was Jean-Baptiste Say a Market Anarchist?

BiographiesHistory of the Austrian School of EconomicsPrivate Property

05/17/2022Mises Daily Articles
According to Say, all productive enterprises are created by individuals in society, not by the state. It is the responsibility of productive enterprise to support the continuity of families.
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The Transgender Debate Should Be about Women's Freedom and Private Property Rights

Property Rights

05/17/2022Mises Media
Enforceable and accepted private property rights can help bring some solutions to the acrimonious debate over transgenderism and transgender rights.
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Noninterventionism Is Not Isolationism: The US Government Should Stop Arming Ukraine

War and Foreign Policy

05/17/2022Mises Media
Proponents of arming Ukraine against Russia call critics "isolationists" as a pejorative term. But these "entangling alliances" have a history of sad endings with tragic results.
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France Is Catching Up to Japan, but Not in a Good Way


05/16/2022Mises Media
France is seeing its wealth-to-income levels rise to Japan's level because it is becoming harder for people to save and build wealth.
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Africa's Way Out of Monetary Colonialism

Central BanksInflationMonetary PolicyWar and Foreign Policy

05/16/2022Mises Media
Since the early 1960s, African nations have gained political independence from colonial powers, but the monetary colonialism of fiat money continues.
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Can the State Reduce Poverty?

Free MarketsLegal SystemPovertyInterventionism

05/16/2022Mises Daily Articles
Antipoverty "strategies" like mandatory overtime pay, state-protected unionization, and opposition to labor-saving devices only serve to increase the cost of living for poor and rich alike.
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The Fed Gets It Wrong on Money Velocity, Too

The FedInflationMonetary Theory

05/15/2022Mises Media
Money velocity's role in forcing up prices is misunderstood because today's monetary "authorities" fail to consider how new money is injected into the economy.
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