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Say's Law and the Permanent Recession

Business CyclesMonetary TheoryOther Schools of Thought

05/25/2022Mises Daily Articles
Economic growth is not something that just happens. It requires saving. It requires investment and capital accumulation. And it requires the real market process.
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Student Loans and Government Subsidies: Another Government "Benefit" Creates Financial Chaos

Big GovernmentTaxes and Spending

05/20/2022Mises Media
Since the Obama administration nationalized the student loan program, we have seen student debt metastasize. Unfortunately, the Biden administration looks to make things even worse.
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Sovereign Immunity Is Antilaw: The State Must Make Restitution to Its Victims

LibertarianismLegal System

04/23/2022Mises Media
A libertarian view of the law by definition means that there can be no immunity from legal consequences. Anything else perverts the very meaning of law.
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Socialismo nixoniano

U.S. EconomyU.S. HistoryFiscal TheoryPolitical Theory

03/19/2022Mises Daily Articles
Murray Rothbard, escribiendo en 1971, arremetió contra el gobierno de Nixon y contra los antiguos conservadores de «libre mercado», que se sentaban en los escaños del poder y traicionaban cualquier principio que pudieran tener por el servicio del Estado.
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Stones into Bread: The Keynesian Miracle

Monetary TheoryOther Schools of Thought

03/18/2022Mises Daily Articles
Ludwig von Mises was the great opponent of John Maynard Keynes. In this blistering article, appearing for the first time online, Mises unmasks Keynes as an advocate of the pseudoscience of monetary magic.
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Solving the "Problem" of Free Riding

Free MarketsInterventionismPolitical Theory

01/14/2022Mises Daily Articles
One of the most blatant examples of this non sequitur occurs in discussions of the "free rider problem" and the alleged solution of government provision of so-called public goods.
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Saqueo o empresa: la elección del mundo

Free MarketsOther Schools of ThoughtPhilosophy and Methodology

12/14/2021Mises Daily Articles
En lugar de buscar que el Estado transforme a las criaturas defectuosas en santas, deberíamos esforzarnos por tomar a los seres humanos tal y como son y dirigir sus energías hacia salidas productivas en lugar de salidas antisociales.
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Sobre la causa y el efecto de los tipos de interés

Capital and Interest TheoryHistory of the Austrian School of Economics

11/18/2021Mises Daily Articles
Es una idea común que una mayor cantidad de dinero en una economía disminuye el tipo de interés. Esta idea no siempre es cierta o precisa.
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Should the State Support the Arts?

Free MarketsMedia and CultureEntrepreneurshipInterventionism

05/08/2021Mises Daily Articles
It is absurd to say we wish to do away with religion, education, property, labor, and the arts simply because we oppose government subsidies. Rather, we merely oppose stealing from one group of citizens and handing over their wealth to others.
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Small States, Global Economy: Is Empire Necessary?

Free MarketsWorld HistoryOther Schools of Thought

01/23/2021Mises Daily Articles
When liberty and capitalism were born over a millennium ago, states were small, decentralized, and weak. By restoring natural rights and civil society, the state will recede once again.
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