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None Dare Call It Genocide

U.S. HistoryWar and Foreign PolicyPhilosophy and Methodology

09/18/2007Mises Daily Articles
No person or group of people is without value — not even those whom our own government chooses to label the enemy.
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No More Legislation

Free MarketsEntrepreneurshipOther Schools of Thought

08/31/2007Mises Daily Articles
Bruno Leoni makes it clear that any politician who will not reduce the reach of legislation cannot protect our liberty.
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Niños y derechos

Free MarketsPhilosophy and MethodologyPrivate Property

05/09/2007Mises Daily Articles
El derecho absoluto a huir es la máxima expresión del niño de su derecho de autopropiedad, independientemente de su edad.
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No More Great Presidents

Big GovernmentU.S. HistoryWar and Foreign Policy

02/19/2007Mises Daily Articles
American liberty will never be reestablished so long as elites and masses alike look to the president to perform supernatural feats and therefore tolerate his virtually unlimited exercise of power. Until we can restore limited, constitutional government in this country, God save us from great...
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Nightmares of a Central Banker

The FedInterventionism

02/06/2007Mises Daily Articles
The "art of central banking" is the art of pretending to know what one does not know. Not only is it not a science; it is not even an art. At best it is alchemy; at worst it is a gigantic cheat.
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Nueva luz sobre la prehistoria de la escuela austriaca

History of the Austrian School of Economics

11/10/2006Mises Daily Articles
Los escolásticos españoles también anticiparon que la escuela austríaca aplicaría la teoría del valor al dinero, iniciando así la integración del dinero en la teoría del valor general.
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New Light on the Prehistory of the Austrian School

History of the Austrian School of Economics

11/10/2006Mises Daily Articles
The Spanish Scholastics also anticipated the Austrian school in applying value theory to money, thus beginning the integration of money into general value theory. As de Roover wrote of Aquinas, 'These passages are clear and unambiguous; value depends upon utility, usefulness, or human wants. There...
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Natural Elites, Intellectuals, and the State

Big GovernmentFree MarketsPhilosophy and Methodology

07/21/2006Mises Daily Articles
Rich men exist today, but more frequently than not they owe their fortunes directly or indirectly to the state.
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No More Road Socialism

05/18/2006Mises Daily Articles
Whenever I engage anyone in a discussion about getting rid of government, the first question I'm posed with is: "what about the roads?" "How would that work? I mean, if private enterprise owned the roads, then the road owners would jack up the price to point where we couldn't leave our homes." As...
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North America's First Experience with Paper Money: Card Money in New France

03/23/2006Mises Daily Articles
In a footnote, rothbard explains a curious form of paper money issued in 17th century Quebec, which became known as "card money." Martin Masse elaborates.
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