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How Deflationary Forces Will Be Turned into Inflation

The FedGlobal EconomyInterventionismMonetary Theory

01/19/2012Mises Daily Articles
In today's fiat-money regime, the possibility of deflation appears fairly small indeed.
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How Mises Rebuilt Economics


12/22/2011Mises Daily Articles
What is the logical status of the law of marginal utility or of the quantity theory of money? To answer this, Mises had to confront empiricism and historicism.
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How I Learned to Love the State

EducationFree MarketsInterventionism

11/07/2011Mises Daily Articles
While we were students of the state education apparatus, how many of us had to write research papers where we were asked to "change the world"?
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How to Fix the Housing Crisis

Free MarketsBusiness CyclesInterventionism

11/04/2011Mises Daily Articles
They keep trying and trying with ever-worse results. There is no middle way to solve the housing crisis. The real help for underwater homeowners will only arrive when Fannie, Freddie, and the rest are allowed to fail.
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How to Do Economic History

U.S. HistoryHistory of the Austrian School of EconomicsMoney and BankingPolitical Theory

10/25/2011Mises Daily Articles
Austrians have a different way of understanding history. For Rothbard, for example, a particular price datum is, no less than the Spanish-American War, a historical event, and its causes must be traced back to the subjective aims governing human plans and choices.
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How the "Great War" Began

War and Foreign PolicyWorld HistoryInterventionism

09/21/2011Mises Daily Articles
Albert Jay Nock wrote one of the first American books of World War I Revisionism.
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Hubris Leads to Depression

The FedBusiness Cycles

09/13/2011Mises Daily Articles
Bernanke figures he's done the stimulating; consumers need to put on a happy face and start spending.
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How Government Impedes Recovery

EducationU.S. HistoryBusiness CyclesInterventionism

09/09/2011Mises Daily Articles
This is your opportunity to meet Robert Higgs, hear a live lecture, and ask your own question of this remarkable thinker.
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Have Anthropologists Overturned Menger?

History of the Austrian School of EconomicsOther Schools of Thought

09/01/2011Mises Daily Articles
David Graeber's new book allegedly destroys the standard account of the origin of money. If correct, Graeber's views would prove embarrassing to the Austrian School, because it was Carl Menger who developed the first systematic explanation for how people went from barter to a full-blown monetary...
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How Canada Escaped the Global Recession

Global EconomyBusiness CyclesOther Schools of Thought

08/29/2011Mises Daily Articles
Strangely, Canada finds itself at the most pro-market limit of the political spectrum.
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