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Op-ed Warriors Defend the Bailout

Corporate WelfareThe FedMedia and CultureInterventionism

10/08/2010Mises Daily Articles
Bailing out Bear Sterns while letting Lehman fail, the two TARP votes, and the incessant clamor about (nonexistent) systemic risk were geared toward bailing out Wall Street firms on the wrong side of housing risk.
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Otro tipo de liberalismo

World HistoryPhilosophy and MethodologyPolitical Theory

09/14/2010Mises Daily Articles
El pensamiento político de Benjamín Constant, Alexis de Tocqueville, y Lord Acton fluyó de sus convicciones religiosas.
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Our Totalitarian Regulatory Bureaucracy

Free MarketsU.S. EconomyInterventionismOther Schools of Thought

07/26/2010Mises Daily Articles
The exercise of arbitrary or dictatorial power is, of course, the whole purpose and function of all those agencies, commissions, and czars.
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Our Miracle of Pentecost

The EntrepreneurFree MarketsGlobal EconomyEntrepreneurship

07/21/2010Mises Daily Articles
But history proceeds, miracle after miracle, driving progress forward, uplifting humanity, bringing glorious things to life on earth.
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On a Recent Theory of "Legal Obligation"

Legal System

05/28/2010Mises Daily Articles
Bruno Leoni (1913–1967), an Italian classical-liberal political philosopher and attorney, was a professor at the University of Pavia , president of the Mont Pèlerin Society, and author of Freedom and the Law , expanded 3d ed . (Indianapolis: Liberty Fund, 1991 [1961]). This paper was...
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Our Federal Government

BiographiesFree MarketsLegal SystemU.S. History

04/14/2010Mises Daily Articles
True political liberty demands many and severe restraints; it requires protection against itself, and is no longer safe when it refuses to submit to its own self-imposed discipline.
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Origen y ascenso de la medicina obligatoria

HealthWorld HistoryInterventionismOther Schools of Thought

03/31/2010Mises Daily Articles
«Gubernamentalizar, y por lo tanto controlar a través de un aparato burocrático apropiado, la provisión de atención médica, de accidentes y de vejez, así como de prestaciones por fallecimiento (entierro), parecía una forma obvia de poner las riendas al capitalismo del laissez-faire, así como al...
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Origin and Rise of Compulsory Medicine

HealthWorld HistoryInterventionismOther Schools of Thought

03/31/2010Mises Daily Articles
"Governmentalizing, and thereby controlling through an appropriate bureaucratic apparatus, the providing of medical, accident, and old age care and of death (burial) benefits seemed an obvious way to put the reins on laissez-faire capitalism as well as on labor."
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Ownership of Land

U.S. HistoryEntrepreneurshipPrivate Property

03/16/2010Mises Daily Articles
To maximize human well-being and to minimize disputes, private ownership and management of land and all appurtenances to land should be encouraged. Further, the land should be untaxed. The owner should own totally, once all encumbrances have been removed.
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Overrating Government Service

Free MarketsU.S. EconomyEntrepreneurship

03/15/2010Mises Daily Articles
The private sector could take care of itself if the government would just leave it alone.
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