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Are Progressive "Experts" Fallible? Yes, But Don't Tell Them That


6 hours agoMises Media
Ours is an age of the progressive expert who nearly always is wrong but still is embraced by progressive politicians, the media, and academe.
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The Housing Boom Is Already Over. The Housing Shortage Will Continue.

The FedU.S. Economy

11/26/2022Mises Media
One might assume that new rounds of monetary stimulus will bring new peaks in housing construction, reversing the ongoing housing shortage. That hasn't happened.
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The Market, Part 1

Free MarketsHistory of the Austrian School of Economics

11/26/2022Mises Daily Articles
The market economy is the social system of the division of labor under private ownership of the means of production. "To assign to everybody his proper place in society is the task of the consumers. Their buying and abstention from buying is instrumental in determining each individual's social...
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In the Red: The Federal Reserve’s Portfolio Joins the Rest of the Market

The FedInflationU.S. Economy

11/25/2022Mises Media
The Federal Reserve has not only mismanaged the US economy; even its own "portfolio" is underwater.
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The REAL Solution to the Coming Economic Crisis

Economic PolicyThe FedFree Markets

11/25/2022Mises Media
As the economy moves into recession, we should understand how we got there and what is needed to bring about a quick and lasting recovery.
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Free Markets DO Work in Developing Countries

Free MarketsGlobal EconomyPovertyWorld History

11/24/2022Mises Media
The standard line from progressives is that free markets usually fail in developing countries. The economic numbers tell a much different story.
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The Great Gold Robbery of 1933

The FedGold StandardInterventionism

11/24/2022Mises Daily Articles
The Act gave the secretary of the Treasury the power to require all individuals and corporations to hand over all their gold coin, gold bullion, or gold certificates if in his judgment "such action is necessary to protect the currency system of the United States."
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Individual Time Preferences, Not the Central Bank, Determine Real Interest Rates

Central BanksThe FedInflationU.S. Economy

11/23/2022Mises Media
The Fed's predictable response to inflation is based on erroneous economic thinking common with Keynesians. Only a free-market approach can reduce inflation and restore true market interest rates.
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World War I: The Great War Was also the Great Enabler of Progressive Governance

The FedU.S. HistoryWar and Foreign Policy

11/23/2022Mises Media
Historians praise the US entry into World War I because it enabled an Allied victory. But it also led to the economic disasters of the 1920s and ’30s.
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What I Learned from my Grandfather about Money

Monetary PolicyU.S. History

11/22/2022Mises Media
The author recalls the 1922 peace dollar his grandfather gave him sixty years ago. Real money.
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