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Will the Fed Let Innovation Work Its Magic?

The FedGlobal EconomyMoney and Banks

04/20/2015Mises Daily Articles
In recent decades, the tech sector has brought us newer and better goods and ever-dropping prices. In an unhampered market, the same would happen across the entire economy. But, the Fed won't allow this to happen.
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What Romance Can Tell Us About Government Regulation

InterventionismPrivate Property

04/08/2015Mises Daily Articles
When it comes to romantic relationships, people ruthlessly discriminate and make an endless number of subjective judgments. Most agree that it is absurd to regulate these relationships while not realizing that the same is true of all business relationships as well.
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Who Owns the North Pole?

Legal SystemWorld HistoryPrivate Property

04/07/2015Mises Daily Articles
The US, Russia, Canada, Denmark, and other states are racing to take control of the Arctic Ocean. Outside of a few tiny outposts, however, these states have never "homesteaded" the region, so their claims of true ownership are fanciful at best.
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Will Manny Pacquiao’s Huge Tax Bill Be Enough for the IRS?

The EntrepreneurTaxes and Spending

04/03/2015Mises Daily Articles
Global boxing star Manny Pacquiao, in spite of the fact he isn’t a US resident or citizen, owes the IRS $18 million, and they plan to demand a lot more when Pacquiao fights in Las Vegas next month.
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Why Is the Fed Punishing My Parents?

The FedMoney and BanksMoney and Banking

03/30/2015Mises Daily Articles
Thanks to the central bank, those who worked hard and "played by the rules" all their lives now face an uncertain future as inflation chips away at their savings and threatens their financial stability.
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Why We Need Deflation and Higher Interest Rates

Booms and BustsMoney and BanksMoney and Banking

03/28/2015Mises Daily Articles
Once a recession sets in, markets can only repair themselves if prices — including wages — are allowed to fall where necessary. The resulting increases in real interest rates are the key to spurring new economic activity.
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What’s Behind the Gender Wage Gap

PricesValue and Exchange

03/23/2015Mises Daily Articles
If all work and all workers were homogenous, we might be able to say that the gender wage gap is caused by sexism, but the gap is better explained by big differences in the life goals and chosen industries of men and women.
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What Happened at This Year’s Austrian Economics Conference

History of the Austrian School of Economics

03/17/2015Mises Daily Articles
Jonathan Newman reports from this year's Austrian Economics Research Conference at the Mises Institute. As usual, this year's conference brought together some of the finest Austrian-school faculty and students from around the globe.
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Why It Matters If the Dollar Is the Reserve Currency

Global EconomyMoney and BanksMoney and Banking

03/07/2015Mises Daily Articles
Reserve currencies serve an important economic purpose. If the dollar loses its status as a reserve currency, the resulting adjustments will be painful for many. So, the global economy would benefit from a new US monetary policy devoted to a sound dollar.
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Where is the Skyscraper Curse Today?

Booms and BustsBusiness Cycles

02/24/2015Mises Daily Articles
The world is teeming with skyscraper building from China to London, and a new record-setting skyscraper is planned for 2016 in Saudi Arabia. Will this skyscraper herald the next global economic crisis as Dubai's Burj Khalifa presaged the 2009 crisis?
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