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Regime Uncertainty and Bond Yields

The FedFinancial MarketsInterventionismPrivate Property

10/01/2010Mises Daily Articles
If mainstream analysts continue to disregard the role of regime uncertainty in the major depressions of the modern era, especially in accounting for their extraordinary duration, then they will only demonstrate the poverty of their own mode of analysis.
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Richard Cantillon: Founder of Political Economy

BiographiesFree MarketsWorld HistoryHistory of the Austrian School of Economics

09/16/2010Mises Daily Articles
"Cantillon instead focused on the microeconomic aspect of monetary inflation. In many ways, this focus is a forerunner to the Austrian School's emphasis on relative inflation, as opposed to general price inflation."
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Reality Economics

The FedU.S. EconomyBusiness CyclesOther Schools of Thought

09/06/2010Mises Daily Articles
However, it is perhaps not too optimistic to assume that those governments and parties whose policies have led to this crisis will some day disappear from the stage and make way for men whose economic program leads, not to destruction and chaos, but to economic development and progress.
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Rothbard's Memos Marked "Strictly Confidential"

EducationFree MarketsWorld HistoryHistory of the Austrian School of Economics

08/27/2010Mises Daily Articles
Rothbard maintains that one cannot consistently combine libertarian economic policies with international belligerence.
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Revisit Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

BiographiesMedia and Culture

08/26/2010Mises Daily Articles
Fahrenheit 451 acknowledges that powerful impulses toward mindless conformity and suppression of deviation exist in the population itself — that, on a deep level, many, many people want to be "protected" by the state from the risk of being offended and from the necessity of thinking for...
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Roger J. Williams and the Science of Individuality

BiographiesWorld History

08/19/2010Mises Daily Articles
But the most effective mechanism ever devised for making effective pooling of our faculties as easy as it can be — the free market — is also the natural result of reducing general laws to a bare minimum and leaving people free to make their own choices about their own values.
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Real Jobs, Fake Jobs

Free MarketsInterventionismProduction Theory

07/19/2010Mises Daily Articles
"The point of employment is not just jobs: it is productive and economically viable jobs."
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Repeal the Drinking Age

Legal SystemU.S. EconomyInterventionism

07/09/2010Mises Daily Articles
And yet every day, young people are finding ways around these preposterous restrictions that are hardly ever questioned, imbibing with their booze a disdain for the law and a creative spirit of criminality, along with a disposition to binge drink when their legal workarounds succeed.
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Refusing to Be Counted

Free MarketsU.S. HistoryInterventionismOther Schools of Thought

06/17/2010Mises Daily Articles
"In 1943 the Census Bureau divulged data that was used to identify Japanese Americans, who were then confined in concentration camps for the remaining duration of World War II — a fact that was suppressed by the bureau for over 50 years."
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Regulating Caveman Technology

The EnvironmentFree MarketsInterventionismPrivate Property

06/14/2010Mises Daily Articles
A system of private-property rights over all else would be a better solution.
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