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100 Years Ago Today: The End of German Hyperinflation

Booms and BustsWorld History

11/15/2023Mises Daily Articles
One lesson learned should be that fiat paper money won’t work.
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How the Business Cycle Happens

Booms and BustsU.S. EconomyU.S. HistoryBusiness Cycles

08/15/2023Mises Daily Articles
Study of business cycles must be based upon a satisfactory cycle theory. Gazing at sheaves of statistics without "pre-judgment" is futile.
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The Marxian Doctrine of "Ideology"

Free MarketsOther Schools of Thought

07/29/2023Mises Daily Articles
To Marx, each individual's thinking is all determined not by his personal self-interest but by the interest of the class to which he supposedly belongs.
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Mercantilism: A Lesson for Our Times?

Free MarketsInterventionismOther Schools of ThoughtPolitical Theory

07/15/2023Mises Daily Articles
Inflation did not benefit the poor; wages lagged behind the rise in prices during inflations, especially behind agricultural prices.
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How Capitalism Redefined Masculine Virtue

Media and CultureU.S. History

06/21/2023Mises Media
In the preindustrial world, aggression and physical domination were often labeled as "masculine" virtues. The rise of the cooperative market economy changed all that.
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Technology Is Meaningless without Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneur

06/20/2023Mises Media
Entrepreneurship develops uses for technology.
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The Market Process Is Not a Knowledge Problem

HayekCalculation and KnowledgePricesProduction Theory

06/19/2023Mises Media
While F.A. Hayek's famous 1945 essay effectively critiques the "perfect information" hypothesis, it is an inadequate explanation of the issue of economic calculation.
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Rise of the Effete Authoritarians

Bureaucracy and RegulationMedia and CultureProgressivismThe Police State

06/19/2023Mises Media
Political leaders of the so-called liberal Western regimes are engaging in authoritarian tactics to quell legitimate dissent. But leftists who riot and burn get a free pass.
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Biden Wants Sanctions for Uganda Because Its Government Passed Anti-LGBT Laws

War and Foreign Policy

06/18/2023Mises Media
Just in case you wrongly thought sanctions had anything to do with national security: Biden wants to sanction the people of a small African country over anti-LGBT laws.
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Opposing Critical Race Theory Doesn't Make You a "White Supremacist"

DemocracyMedia and CulturePoliticsProgressivism

06/17/2023Mises Media
Much of critical race theory and “antiracism” is aimed at pulling people apart, not bringing them together. To oppose such theories and practices is not racist in itself.
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