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The Market for Security vs. the Clown World of Civil Rights

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09/23/2022Ryan McMakenTho BishopTate Fegley

Tate Fegley joins Ryan McMaken and Tho Bishop to discuss his recent Mises Wire article, "Private Property and Customer Safety: Starbucks Learns a Hard Lesson". As businesses increasingly interject broader "social values" into their business plans, customers are increasingly forced to make difficult decisions about how to navigate their economic behavior with ideological values. What role does the ideology of the state play in the decisions behind how businesses behave? Is a battle for power an inevitable consequence of a civil rights regime? How would these things be handled if we took property rights seriously?

This and more on this episode of Radio Rothbard.

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Tate Fegley is Chair of Business and Economics at Montreat College and Research Fellow at the Independent Institute.