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Manny Sethi. Trauma Surgeon & US Senate Candidate

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07/30/2020Michel AccadAnish Koka

Manny Sethi is a trauma surgeon running to be the next senator from the state of Tennessee. He is the son of immigrants, and an unabashed conservative who discusses his journey from medicine to politics, as well as his views on healthcare.


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Michel Accad

Michel Accad, MD, practices cardiology and internal medicine in San Francisco, offering individualized care in a free-market setting. His blog about health care and medicine is He also co-hosts the Accad And Koa Report podcast.

Anish Koka

Anish Koka, MD, is a cardiologist in Philadelpia, Pennsylvania. His practice is Koka Cardiology. He co-hosts the Accad and Koa Report podcast.

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