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The Man versus The State Audiobook

The Man versus The State by Herbert Spencer

Tags Political Theory

12/31/2014Herbert Spencer

"One of the most powerful and influential arguments for limited government, laissez faire and individualism ever written," says Henry Hazlitt.

Narrated by Jock Coats. The full text is available online here.

Download the complete audiobook (nine MP3 files) here.

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Herbert Spencer

Herbert Spencer was one of the leading 19th-century English radical individualists. He began working as a journalist for the laissez-faire magazine The Economist in the 1850s. Much of the rest of his life was spent working on an all-encompassing theory of human development based upon the ideas of individualism, utilitarian moral theory, social and biological evolution, limited government, and laissez-faire economics.

The image comes from "The Warren J. Samuels Portrait Collection at Duke University."

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