Liberty, Dicta and Force

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Liberty, Dicta & Force Audiobook

Liberty, Dicta & Force Audiobook

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12/05/2018Louis E. Carabini

Advancing social ideas that do not demand obedience or compliance requires far more personal patience than simply forcing others to comply via the political ballot box. The widely held idea that dicta and force can serve a useful purpose will eventually fade into backward thinking in the so-called public sector as it has in the private sector. Time, nature, reason, and the human spirit will see to that. Irrespective of good intentions or the approval by consensus, nature's unrelenting feedback will gradually drive ruling political authorities to extinction.

Narrated by Daniel Bennett.

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Louis Carabini received a B.A. in Pre-Medical Studies at UCLA in 1952, founded Monex Precious Metals, a precious metals trading company, in 1967, and currently resides in southern California.

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