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Let's Choose Entrepreneurship over Government Subsidies

  • Raymond Walter at Mises University

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07/30/2016Raymond Walter

Recorded at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, on 30 July 2016.

Let's Choose Entrepreneurship over Government Subsidies | Raymond Walter

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Raymond Walter is a doctoral candidate in mathematics and physics at the University of Arkansas, where he graduated at age eighteen with a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics, physics, and economics in 2013. He first attended Mises University 2009 at age fifteen and returned twice more for MisesU as well as for the Rothbard Graduate Seminar. He spoke on "The Ideas of Ludwig von Mises in the Context of Mathematics Under the Nazis" at the Austrian Economics Research Conference in 2014, focusing special emphasis on the life of Richard von Mises. An interview with Raymond has appeared in The Austrian and Mises Daily. Raymond is involved with agricultural advocacy and manages his family's growing farm operation, Briar Creek Ranch, in North Central Arkansas. He holds a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and Distinguished Doctoral Fellowship in Mathematics and Physics at the University of Arkansas. He remains a dedicated Austro-libertarian.

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