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Democracy and Laissez Faire: the New York State Constitution of 1846

U.S. EconomyU.S. HistoryPolitical Theory

06/05/2023The Journal of Libertarian Studies
In the 1840s, New York state was home to a powerful mixture of democracy, populism, and free markets. The result was lower taxes and a greatly weakened government.


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Charles Dunoyer and French Classical Liberalism


10/31/2022The Journal of Libertarian Studies
The radical French classical liberals were pioneers in market anarchism and they explained how radical laissez-faire was key to battling the "monstrous" state.
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Social Analysis of Three Early 19th Century French Liberals: Say, Comte, and Dunoyer


10/03/2022The Journal of Libertarian Studies
The thinking of Say, Comte, and Dunoyer cannot be examined in isolation, divorced from traditional liberal ideas and the intellectual currents of their day. Their class theories cannot be separated from what we might now consider the separate specializations of economics, history and political...


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Milton Friedman Unraveled

Other Schools of ThoughtPhilosophy and Methodology

01/21/2022The Journal of Libertarian Studies
An advisor of Richard Nixon and a friend of most Administration economists, Friedman has, in fact, served the regime as a sort of leading unofficial apologist for Nixonite policy.


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European Unification as the New Frontier of Collectivism

Big GovernmentLegal SystemMonopoly and CompetitionPolitical Theory

07/28/2021The Journal of Libertarian Studies
Present-day prophets of a united Europe share with past conquerors like Napoleon and Hitler a strong preference for a society directed, more or less violently, by a small political elite. All in the name of "eternal peace."


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Spencer and Hayek’s Liberal Evolutionism, and Why It Should Omit the Nation-State

LiberalismPolitical Theory

07/24/2021The Journal of Libertarian Studies
Evolutionary social theory can form part of a liberal theory of politics, but Hayek and Spencer's evolutionary arguments to explain the emergence of freedom in mass societies are deficient.
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Libertarianism: A Fifty-Year Personal Retrospective

LibertarianismAustrian Economics Overview

07/22/2021The Journal of Libertarian Studies
Mark Thornton provides a historical perspective on the growth of libertarianism, showing the limitations of the political path to liberty and the importance of the radical form of libertarianism.
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Stealing from Thieves

LibertarianismLegal System

07/20/2021The Journal of Libertarian Studies
If property held by the government is "stolen property," is it acceptable for random citizens to “liberate” this property for their own use?
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It Belongs to Me! A Libertarian Analysis of Property Rights in Nigeria

Property RightsPhilosophy and Methodology

07/15/2021The Journal of Libertarian Studies
Analyzing property rights in Nigeria from a Rothbardian point of view shows that the major reason for poverty in Nigeria is governmental neglect and abuse of property rights.


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A Defense Against Attacks on Negative Liberty

Philosophy and Methodology

07/14/2021The Journal of Libertarian Studies
Negative liberty, which defines freedom exclusively in terms of independence of the individual from interference by others, is defended against contemporary philosophers Charles Taylor and Martha Nussbaum.


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