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Hayek and Political Order: The Rule of Law

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Tags Legal System

07/30/2014William P. Baumgarth

We might assume from the title of Hayek's earliest comprehensive treatment of the subject that the "rule of law" would appear as the summation of his political philosophy, as his legal ideal. Indeed, Hayek's formulation of the principles of the "rule of law" serves as a synthesis of his notions about man, mind, and society, as an application of his epistemological views on the limitations of the human intellect, of his modified rule utilitarianism, and of his notions of spontaneous order in society to the problem of the nature and limits of the liberal state.

Volume 2, Number 1 (1978)

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Baumgarth, William P. "Hayek and Political Order: The Rule of Law." Journal of Libertarian Studies 2, No.1 (1978): 11-28.

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