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Those Student Loan Scandals


06/01/2007The Free Market
The solution to the crisis in higher education is to take the government out of the equation.


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The Fallacy of Gun Control

Political Theory

05/01/2007The Free Market
However horrendous we might find the mass shootings at Columbine, Virginia Tech, and other places, the fact is that when disaffected people start planning mass mayhem, the lack of a gun will not stop them.


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The Trouble with Keynes

Other Schools of Thought

04/01/2007The Free Market
For most people, economics has ever been the “dismal science,” to be passed over quickly for more amusing sport. And yet, a glance at the world today will show that we pass over economics at our peril.


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Why I am an Economist


01/01/2007The Free Market
If there is one thing I am passionate about, it is passing on to the next generation the baton that Murray Rothbard a while ago passed on to me and my contemporaries.


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Will Microcredit Save the World?

Money and BanksMoney and Banking

12/01/2006The Free Market
Building wealth, not manufacturing money, is the key to prosperity.


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Profiting from Knowledge

The EntrepreneurInterventionismPrices

11/01/2006The Free Market
There is nothing inherently slimy about trading real estate, and certainly nothing warranting the state’s regulation of this market.


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Do Capitalists Prey on the Poor?

Free MarketsInterventionismPrices

09/01/2006The Free Market
The poor are able to acquire household items that in some cases no one, rich or poor, could have had even a generation ago, and on terms that no one else is willing to extend to them.


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Economics for Kids


07/01/2006The Free Market
My goal with these fifth graders was not just to introduce them to the basics of economic science, but to inoculate them against future attempts to teach them bad economics. By showing them that trade, money, savings, competition, and prices all have distinctly human origins and purposes, I hoped...


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The Tax Gougers, and more

Taxes and Spending

06/06/2006The Free Market
The first Republican governor in Maryland in 35 years “celebrated” his victory by imposing the largest property tax increase in the state’s history. Ignorant Maryland voters still believe that voting Republican is a vote against Big Government!


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What Happened to American Cars, and More


05/01/2006The Free Market
What the UAW has done, on the foundation of coercive, interventionist labor legislation, is bring a once-great company to its knees.


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