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Government Property Is Not Really "Public" Property

Big GovernmentFinancial MarketsCalculation and Knowledge

09/25/2019The Free Market
As I learned growing up in Allegheny County, the sign that reads, "Keep out, Property of Allegheny County," does not refer only to those who live outside the county.
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Should We Loot the Rich?

Taxes and Spending

07/22/2019The Free Market
Redistribution is not ethical; it’s theft and destruction. It is simply a means to satisfy the envy of some who seek to harm those who have obtained greater wealth through the satisfaction of the wants of consumers.


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Property Means Preservation

The EnvironmentPrivate Property

02/01/2012The Free Market
As Professor Block makes clear, “there is no intrinsic conflict between the market and the environment.”


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The Plight of the MBA Generation

U.S. Economy

05/02/2011The Free Market
For a generation of people to find meaningful work, the government must embrace the Misesian prescription of a strict “hands-off” policy—rather than staying on the Keynesian drug.


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Economics for Kids


07/01/2006The Free Market
My goal with these fifth graders was not just to introduce them to the basics of economic science, but to inoculate them against future attempts to teach them bad economics. By showing them that trade, money, savings, competition, and prices all have distinctly human origins and purposes, I hoped...


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Iraq's Phone Monopolists

Monopoly and Competition

01/01/2004The Free Market
With the passage of time, the nature of post-Saddam Iraq becomes clearer, as does the Bush administration's lack of commitment to free-market principles.
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To Market, By Jingo!

Free MarketsInterventionism

11/01/1996The Free Market
As the Cold War wound down, opinion elites discovered a new menace: "unfair trade practices." These are the subsidies, protectionist tariffs, and various regulations and business practices other countries use, which hamper the export of American goods.
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Scoundrel Robert Morris, The

U.S. History

02/01/1995The Free Market
America's bankers consider Robert Morris a hero. More than 15,000 of them belong to Robert Morris Associates. Founded in 1914, the RMA organization strives for professionalism in banking practice and considers ethics paramount. So who is the revered figure after whom this association of ethical...
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