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Christmas Movies and Bad Economics

Free MarketsMedia and Culture

12/24/2018The Free Market
Why are so many Christmas movies rife with villainous capitalists who constantly seek to ruin Christmas?
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In Defense of Payday Lending

Free Markets

10/20/2018The Free Market
Banning or restricting payday lending primarily works to limit the choices and freedoms exercised by people with bad credit or low incomes.
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Two Sides of the Same Debased Coin

Money and BanksMoney and Banking

01/31/2013The Free Market
Crony capitalism and Keynesianism are just two sides of the same debased coin.
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The Wages of Sinful Economic Arguments


09/01/2004The Free Market
A recent article in the Wall Street Journal is a perfect example of how bad economic arguments in support of good ends can be easily twisted and used to confuse the general public.
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Ant Man vs. The Market

Big GovernmentThe Police State

05/01/2000The Free Market
E.O. Wilson of Harvard University is among the world's most esteemed biologists. An authority on ants, he has won two Pulitzer Prizes and coined the term "sociobiology," outraging his peers by suggesting that human behavior has some relation to human nature. Sadly, these triumphs seem to have...
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End of Sales Tax, The

Taxes and Spending

04/01/2000The Free Market
The Virginia legislature has been toying with the idea of curbing or even abolishing sales taxes. The idea comes in response to merchants who fear that they are losing because of the availability of untaxed goods purchased over the web. Whether big changes in the tax code happen this year or five...
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The Workaholic Canard

Free MarketsPolitical TheoryPrices

12/01/1999The Free Market
During the 1980s, just as the free market's reputation was beginning to rebound, the guardians of the national psyche discovered "workaholism." The victim of this disorder was defined as working compulsively, spending far too much time at his occupation, too little with friends or loved ones. He...
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Wright Stuff, The

Big GovernmentThe EntrepreneurEntrepreneurship

05/01/1999The Free Market
The Wright Brothers are so unusual from today's perspective, and still inspiring, because they did it all themselves. Tinkerers running an Ohio bicycle shop in the 1890s, the Wrights decided that by rethinking old assumptions and performing careful experiments good old Yankee ingenuity they could...
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Lawyer Cartel, The

Legal System

11/01/1998The Free Market
In the nineteenth century, the legal profession was open. There were no mandates on the kind or duration of education a person had to have. No law restricted anyone from offering his services. The only complaints were from lawyers who wanted to force "higher standards" upon the market.
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Capitalism and American Sports

Media and Culture

10/01/1998The Free Market
The world has just finished what, for Americans, is the curious spectacle of the Soccer World Cup. Every four years since the 1930s teams representing 32 countries have met (in a different venue each time) to decide who is best. Much of Europe, South America, and Africa come to a halt during the...
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