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Christmas Movies and Bad Economics

Free MarketsMedia and Culture

12/24/2018The Free Market
Why are so many Christmas movies rife with villainous capitalists who constantly seek to ruin Christmas?
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Cheers to the Peddler Class

U.S. EconomyU.S. History

10/31/2018The Free Market
The peddler was the middle class man who prided himself on his initiative, self-reliance, independence and, above all, his integrity.


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Civilization is Not Doomed, and more

World HistoryPolitical Theory

03/01/2006The Free Market
I consider it as a very good sign that, while 50 years ago, practically nobody in the world had the courage to say anything in favor of a free economy, we have now, at least in some of the advanced countries of the world, institutions that are centers for the propagation of a free economy.


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Capitalism, Happiness, and Beauty

Media and Culture

08/01/2004The Free Market
Critics level two charges against capitalism: First, they say, that the possession of a motor car, a television set, and a refrigera­tor does not make a man happy. Secondly, they add that there are still people who own none of these gadg­ets. Both propositions are correct, but they do not cast...
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Congress Spams America

Big Government

03/01/2004The Free Market
A common accusation against the Mises Institute is that it is obsessed with tracing social and economic problems to the state, and, in doing so, it oversimplifies the world.
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Central Planning Road Trip

War and Foreign Policy

11/01/2003The Free Market
The Free Market 23, no. 11 (November 2003) When they have the resources and political support, would-be central planners like to take their show on the road, always with the same results: huge promises followed by big disasters. Thus is there no reason to be shocked or surprised at the enormous...
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Capitalism: The Greatest Charity

Free MarketsPolitical Theory

09/01/2002The Free Market
When a politician talks of "reform," grab your wallet. As in "welfare reform," for example. For as any hardened inside-the-Beltway observer of dark Washington ways can tell you, "welfare reform" is typically a spin for tightening the screws on the taxpayer and easing welfare access.
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Clinton's Money Man

BiographiesThe Fed

05/01/2001The Free Market
A combination of factors has elevated the Federal Reserve and its chairman to mythical status amongst the corporate and media elite.
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Compulsory Compassion

Big GovernmentMonopoly and Competition

04/01/2001The Free Market
Religious social services soon may be getting a new ally in their efforts to rescue people from the clutches of poverty, drug addiction and other personal problems: the federal government. The hook is "compassionate conservatism," and as the linchpin of President Bush's domestic policy, stand-and-...
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California's Energy Meltdown

The EnvironmentInterventionism

03/01/2001The Free Market
The state of California has experienced a meltdown in its electric power system. For months, the system has repeatedly run at or near the overload point, necessitating brownouts and even rolling blackouts. Incredibly, the fiasco has been blamed on deregulation and the free market.
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