The Free Market

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Poujade: Menace or Promise?

World HistoryPolitical Theory

12/10/2018The Free Market
Anti-tax protests have a well-established history in French politics, as described by Murray Rothbard in this 1956 article.
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Property Means Preservation

The EnvironmentPrivate Property

02/01/2012The Free Market
As Professor Block makes clear, “there is no intrinsic conflict between the market and the environment.”


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Privatizing Climate Policy

The Environment

01/01/2010The Free Market
There is no secure foundation in climate science for the current policy rhetoric; governments simply lack the knowledge to operate climate-change policy effectively. Moreover, policy is based on the neoclassical economics assumption that climate change is a case of market failure. However, it is...


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Profiting from Knowledge

The EntrepreneurInterventionismPrices

11/01/2006The Free Market
There is nothing inherently slimy about trading real estate, and certainly nothing warranting the state’s regulation of this market.


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Private Enterprise Grants Us Life

Free MarketsHealthInterventionism

10/01/2004The Free Market
If we had the medical system that a number of politicians and newspaper editorial writers in this country have been demanding, I very likely could have died.
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Paper Money, Taxes, and War

Money and BanksU.S. HistoryMoney and Banking

04/01/2004The Free Market
With a Republican president running sky-high debts, unleashing wars, imposing protectionist trade edicts, and risking the nation’s financial future, sometimes it feels like the 19th century all over again, specifically the year 1861 and following. The 1860 election of Abraham Lincoln sparked a...
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Power over Principle

Big GovernmentU.S. History

02/01/2004The Free Market
The Republicans have done it again. With their new Medicare bill, they’ve made government even bigger.
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Predicting the Stock Market

Financial Markets

07/01/2001The Free Market
As the nation's equity markets crumbled, the question that inevitably arose was "When will stock prices stop falling?" And there was always some willing economist, journalist, politician, or other self-appointed pundit ready to take the bait.
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Prospects for Liberty

Political Theory

02/01/2001The Free Market
There is a class of pundits that defends public confidence in big government, and trashes those who celebrate its undoing. These pundits had a fit following this year' s election that revealed the least flattering side of the US system of government. If we thought the process of making laws was...
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Protest! (For No Good Reason)

Monopoly and CompetitionPrices

07/01/2000The Free Market
University students are going berserk again. No, they are not swallowing goldfish, going on panty raids or stuffing themselves into phone booths, the excesses of a bygone day (the first two are now politically incorrect, and what with modern technology there is nary a phone booth to be found). Nor...
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