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Keynes and the Reds

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08/30/2019The Free Market
If Keynes was such a model champion of the free society, how can we account for his peculiar comments, in 1933, endorsing, though with reservations, the social "experiments" that were going on at the time in Italy, Germany, and Russia?
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Keynes's Upside-down World

Money and BanksFiscal TheoryMoney and Banking

05/01/2009The Free Market
If you follow the Austrian recipe of allowing liquidation of bankrupt firms and debt, allowing prices to fall without monetary inflation, not propping up employment or subsidizing unemployment, and not discouraging hoarding, you will end up with the quickest possible recovery and minimize the...


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Know Your Government

Money and BanksThe Police StateMoney and Banking

05/01/1999The Free Market
Today, the United States has the most draconian financial disclosure system in the developed world. People who keep their money in offshore banks to avoid taxes are considered traitors. And when a citizen demands a zone of financial autonomy, the government wants to know: "What exactly are you...
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Keynes the Great?

Other Schools of Thought

11/01/1998The Free Market
No sooner is John Maynard Keynes declared irrelevant for modern economics than some establishment figure declares him the god of the age. It happened again, in the pages of Fortune Magazine (August 17, 1998). The writer was MIT's Paul Krugman, one of the most famous economists alive. His article, "...
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06/01/1998The Free Market
Having failed to nationalize health care at the beginning of its first term, the Clinton administration seeks to nationalize children in its second. With little opposition from Republicans, the administration has proposed spending tens of billions of dollars on subsidized day care, mostly through...
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Kathie Lee's Children

Legal SystemInterventionism

09/01/1996The Free Market
Media personality Kathie Lee Gifford took quite a pounding when the National Labor Committee, a labor union organization, found that some of the clothes sold under her label in the U.S. were made by children in a Honduran "sweat shop."
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Keynesianism Redux

Taxes and Spending

01/01/1989The Free Market
One of the ironic but unfortunately enduring legacies of eight years of Reaganism has been the resurrection of Keynesianism. From the late 1930s until the early 1970s, Keynesianism rode high in the economics profession and in the corridors of power in Washington, promising that, so long as...


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